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Track and manage labor needs with Time and Labor Management tools

Your employees are your greatest asset and your greatest expense. As labor costs rise and your workforce grows, it’s more important than ever that your time-and-attendance processes improve your workforce effectiveness and service to employees.

As a business that helps companies like yours leverage time-tracking tools to manage labor costs and engage employees, we’ve witnessed the dramatic improvements our clients experience when they operate within a single system for payroll and time and attendance.

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Time and Labor Analytics

Accurately and efficiently manage when, where and how your employees report hours worked.

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Make time collection as easy as possible, while reducing payroll errors and time theft.

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Easily track where your labor dollars are spent, for better HR planning.

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Labor Management Reports help you get up-to-the-minute reports on the information you need to better manage your labor force. You can manage overtime, monitor your labor distribution, see who is clocked in and more.

  • Get real-time reports to manage your labor force.
  • See who is clocked in.
  • Report on employee hours near the end of a pay period to manage overtime.
  • Hours also can be set up to be distributed automatically by a set percentage each payroll.
  • Run daily department totals on hours worked.
  • Monitor your labor distribution.
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Enhanced ACA from Paycom is the business solution for complying with the ever-changing complexities of the Affordable Care Act. You’ll receive the convenience of having all your ACA data in a real-time dashboard, plus:

  • Peace of mind
  • IRS Forms 1094/1095-B or -C filed for you
  • Proactive alerts on actionable items
  • Comprehensive reporting and monitoring
  • Legislative updates

Features include:

  • Monitoring — Get alerts on key events, including approaching Applicable Large Employer status, workers nearing full-time status or employees with measurement periods ending.
  • Evaluation — Audit and review historical and current ACA data, as well as employer shared responsibility requirements.
  • Reporting — Monitor ACA status changes, trending hours, coverage affordability, employee coverage percent offered, Applicable Large Employer trends and “pay or play” calculations.
  • Education — Get the latest legislation overviews, compliance requirements and ongoing updates.
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Which employees are approaching overtime? How many part-time employees are approaching a 30-hour workweek that could trigger ACA requirements? Who is currently clocked in? If you can measure your labor activity, you can manage it, and Paycom helps you do just that with more insight into your information than any other provider. Report across all data stored in the system, including multiple years and EINs.

Reports include:

  • Hours Worked vs. Threshold
  • Labor Allocation
  • Labor Analysis/Overtime
  • Punch Audit
  • Total Hours Summary
  • Total Hours Summary by Allocation
  • Employee Time-Off
  • Actual, Scheduled and Projected Hours
  • Unscheduled Shifts
  • Employee Schedule Change
  • Schedule Forecasting
  • Time and Labor Management Report Writer allows you to create custom reports for a more comprehensive and graphical analysis of your activity.
  • Push Reporting lets you set up recurring reports once and schedule them to be run automatically and sent to specific users, whether daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly.
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ACA calculator

Since its inception, more than 42 significant changes have been made to the Affordable Care Act. Are you in compliance?