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Introducing Microfence: The Next Step in Time and Attendance Accuracy

Have you ever wondered how your business’s time tracking can be even more accurate? Or how on-site employees can safely clock in without having to share a kiosk? Enter Microfence™, Paycom’s latest industry-leading innovation.

Microfence relies on Bluetooth-enabled beacons placed strategically throughout your workplace, allowing employees only in proximity to clock in and out via their Paycom mobile app. This offers them the same assurance as traditional, stationary workstations, but with even greater ease.

At the same time, Microfence can provide you with the peace of mind that comes from a truly accurate timesheet. More precision translates to fewer mistakes, giving HR more time while reducing costs — an undeniable win-win!

Given no other HR and payroll provider offers a seamless technology like this within the same software as time and attendance data, Microfence is another way Paycom exceeds the industry standard.

How it works

Microfence is incredibly easy to implement alongside our Time and Attendance and Geofencing tools. After a simple setup within Paycom and placing the beacons in locations of your choice — such as entrances, exits or break rooms — you’re all set.

As long as your employees enable Bluetooth on their device and have downloaded the Paycom mobile app (version 6.0.0 or higher), they can clock in and out within approximately 30 feet of a beacon. It’s that simple!

Microfence Beacon Geotracking Paycom

How it benefits employees

Clocking in and out isn’t always intuitive. Traditional methods require more than just an employee being on-site. They also need to either rush to a community time clock or their personal workstation, often pushing through multiple logins just to begin working. Maybe for their convenience, you try to implement a way for them to clock in remotely or through an honor system using a manual timesheet. However, without a way of ensuring their presence in the workplace, the potential for inaccuracy can skyrocket.

By combining the ease of access of a mobile device with the certainty of a stationary time-tracking method, Microfence can provide the best of both worlds. As soon as they are within radius of a beacon, your employees can clock in and out just as they normally would via the Paycom app.

Best of all, there’s no change to Employee Self-Service®, making implementation seamless and straightforward. And whenever they successfully add a punch, the app will notify them, just like before. Microfence is a safer alternative to communal time clocks or kiosks — and even the mad dash to get to their desks.

How it benefits employers

By providing even greater accuracy, Microfence not only helps ensure your employees are paid fairly and precisely but also reduces possible compliance risks. In the ever-changing world of labor laws, Microfence can give you the peace of mind few other technologies can.

Additionally, Microfence doesn’t track the location of your employees, bolstering timesheets without invading their privacy. To learn how our latest innovation can help your business ensure safe, accurate time tracking, contact Paycom today!


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