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3 Ways the Right HR Tools Make All the Difference

In a December 2023 updated report, Ernst & Young (EY) found the average cost per manual data entry made by an HR professional increased to $4.78. Read about EY’s latest findings for more information.


If you were chopping down a tree, what would you use: a dough cutter or a chainsaw? Both have blades and handles, so what’s the difference?

Pretty much everything, right?

The same is true for HR. When you’re equipped with the wrong tools, it doesn’t just make your job harder — it drags down the entire business.

But not all workplace tech is created equal. And just because a tool works, that doesn’t mean it works well.

Blowing away manual tasks

Picture this: Leaves have just fallen, and it looks like autumn spilled its Thanksgiving leftovers all over your yard. How would you tackle this mess?

Vacuum cleaners are usually great. They’re able to pull dust out of anywhere — some even run themselves! But imagine trying to use one to suck up each leaf … One. By. One.

What if each of these leaves represented a separate HR data entry task? According to research from Ernst & Young, this means every proverbial leaf you pick up would cost an average of $4.70. Applying these figures to your yard, you could buy a whole fleet of robotic vacuums!

Like a faithful rake, the right HR tech eliminates manual, tedious tasks, data reentry and lagging processes so you’re able to focus on the work that matters most: engaging employees.

The mess of disjointed tech

Speed and power don’t always generate usefulness. For example, a power drill might be able to “stir” your cup of coffee, but when half of it winds up on the table, ceiling and your clothes, you’ll probably reach for a spoon next time.

Similarly, your business might use several seemingly strong tools, but when they don’t seamlessly communicate with one another, they’re about as helpful as coffee sprayed across your kitchen.

In fact, a survey conducted by OnePoll for Paycom found that 67% of employees would be willing to take a pay cut for tech that’s twice as good as what they’re using.

The right HR tech brings a suite of intuitive tools together — like payroll, applicant tracking and training — all through one login and a system that improves data accuracy through seamless interaction between them.

It’s like a spoon that’s perfect for not only stirring your coffee, but keeping it all in your mug.

A soup of outdated processes

Ah, soup. It’s delicious and convenient — provided you’ve got the right utensil to eat it. But if you had to use a fork to do so, you might feel like the 77% of employees who are frustrated with outdated tech.

What’s just as telling is that over half (51%) of the employees surveyed said their company had an online HR platform in place, but less than a quarter of them (23%) said their employers were actually using it. It’s like they bought a full set of silverware but only used the forks!

Like our good friend, the spoon, the right HR tech helps deliver the functionality you and your colleagues need efficiently, thoroughly and without any data slipping through the cracks.

See what the right tool for HR and payroll could do for your business here.


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