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7 Simple Ways to Enhance Philanthropic Efforts

The old adage of “It’s better to give than to receive” reigns true after all. Whether donating money or time, giving back is important – and not just for the recipients. Research shows that 52 percent of volunteers do it because they like helping others and doing something useful, while 38 percent said the work makes them feel good.

Giving brings joys to both sides of the equation, but charitable initiatives could have a greater impact on your organization, as giving promotes cooperation and connection.

Driving change in your organization

Working together for the greater good builds trust, in turn strengthening our ties to one another. For employers, this bond leads to a stronger, happier and more efficient workplace. It’s clear that building a culture of giving back is important, and it’s easy, too. Get creative in your giving efforts; here are seven suggestions for bumping your philanthropic responsibilities up a notch.

  1. Who doesn’t like a good competition? The Oklahoma City-based nonprofit Infant Crisis Services (ICS) holds a Bedlam for Babies drive every year. At Paycom, we pit the University of Oklahoma fans against the Oklahoma State University fans in an effort to collect necessary supplies for ICS. It is a fun way that gets employees engaged while also contributing to a great cause.
  2. Ask your employees their favorite charities – we recommend doing so via Paycom Surveys – and consider donating to them.
  3. Offer time off so employees can contribute their time to local causes.
  4. Start a “Week of Giving” initiative. Decide on a cause to contribute to and then develop themed activities to help raise money for this charity.
  5. Raffle off prizes for those employees who give to your charitable cause. It could be as simple as a free donut or as extravagant as a flat-screen TV.
  6. As an employer, match your employees’ donations! Not only does this act as a great incentive for employees to give more money, but it shows that your company is just as dedicated to helping others.
  7. Recognize giving efforts at meetings. Share how those within your organization are giving back to the community. Believe me, these stories will create a ripple effect within your organization.

Whether you choose to get competitive like Paycom does or opt for sending your employees into the streets as one big happy family, your company’s collective giving is extremely beneficial. It may help you build a stronger more efficient workforce while simultaneously expanding your philanthropic efforts. And don’t be surprised by any funny tingling sensation that results – that’s just a big dose of happiness.