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700 Employees, 14 Locations, 1 Simple Training Solution

Did you play Telephone as a child? You know, the game where you whisper a word or phrase in someone’s ear, and then they repeat it to the closest person? If so, you know that by the end of the game, the original word or phrase changed dramatically.

That’s exactly how the chief learning officer (CLO) of a transportation company described training prior to purchasing and fully implementing Paycom Learning.

Providing comprehensive, world-class training to 700 employees – including nearly 650 truck drivers – across 14 locations in different states proved to be a tough task. The CLO was responsible for creating, organizing and tracking trainings for employees nationwide, relying on managers at each location to conduct the sessions.

Tracking attendance was a manual process. Employees had to complete a sign-up sheet that was later submitted by their manager to company headquarters. However, tracking course completion is crucial to remaining compliant, especially since such instruction is mandatory for companies that transport fuel and hazardous chemicals.

“You could not realistically track any of the training or completed courses,” said the CLO.  “Aside from submitting an arbitrary form, there was no system in place that could track and report our training programs which is compliance headache.”

There had to be a better way.

A better way

That’s when the CLO discovered Paycom Learning.

“Instead of being consumed by the day-to-day planning and tracking, Paycom Learning allows me to take a step back and focus on the strategic areas of my job that directly affect growth and success,” she said.

With Paycom Learning, the company was able to significantly up-level their existing training process. The learning tool allows the company to create and offer courses eight times faster than before, saving over 20 hours per course.

Additionally, Paycom Learning’s built-in courses, free with the purchase of the tool, gave the CLO freedom to focus on creating courses specific to the transportation industry, as opposed to foundational topics, such as harassment prevention, cybersecurity and more.

“Anyone who’s taken the Paycom Learning courses likes them,” said the CLO. “They’re concise and to the point.”

Best of all, Paycom Learning allows the CLO to provide consistent training to all employees at all locations, allowing her the ability to do her job at a more strategic, more meaningful level.

Learn more by reading our case study or registering for our free webinar, featuring the transportation company’s CLO.