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Building Champions in the Workplace

Super Bowl celebrations already have begun and while excitement builds for the big game, nervous tension hits the players and coaches of the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks. A championship title is the ultimate goal in sports, and Sunday marks both teams’ chance to prove who is best.

While signing that first big contract is exciting, past championship holders will tell you that nothing beats receiving the bowl’s Vince Lombardi Trophy; it’s validation that all your hard work paid off.

Being the best in a NFL is a tough feat, because a lot of “greats” exist in the league. Players work their entire careers trying to be faster, stronger and better-equipped than their competition. When entire teams play with the same inherent motivation, winners are made and championships are secured.

Implementing NFL Athletes’ Motivation in the Workplace

While the NFL is far from a normal American job, organizations could benefit tremendously from applying the same intrinsic motivation displayed by players and coaches alike.

The goal remains the same – to be the best – and that’s to be better than you were the day before. Sure, money is great, but it also is a necessity and, therefore, not the largest motivator. Rather, organizational leaders should facilitate employees’ internal needs. For instance, you might offer leadership classes or encourage continued education, whether concerning new software or self-development.

A championship culture is cultivated when extrinsic needs are met, and organizations go the extra mile to empower employees to be the best they can be. Employees motivated by both factors will excel, contributing to that winning atmosphere for which every organization strives.