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Company Engagement in Bulk

Sustainable engagement is an ongoing process. You may be thinking, “Well, of course it is, so what’s your point?” Although the concept may seem obvious, it is something with which businesses constantly struggle. Engagement is a continuous process, not a one-and-done kind of initiative – a valuable lesson learned from shopping at warehouse retail stores.

The Lesson

Investments in improved employee benefits and extensive employee training account for why some major warehouse retailers are experiencing decreases in staff turnover. However, treatment of employees isn’t the inspiration behind this lesson; rather, the thought of driving sustainable engagement derives from being a frequent shopper.

Bulk is the name of the game. Wholesale retail outlets are great for stocking up, and if you share the same dislike of grocery shopping as I do, you fill the cart to the brim with items, hoping you’ll never have to replace them.

Now, believing that the 10-pound tub of laundry detergent will last you a lifetime may be wishful thinking, because in fact, things run out … and never as quickly when you are down to the last roll of toilet paper. However, reaching the end is inevitable.

But don’t make that assumption with employee engagement. That is an ongoing process, not an annual get-together that hopefully carries you over into the following year. Engagement is a practice that needs constant attention and monitoring. According to employee engagement speaker (and avid wholesale shopper) David Zinger, “We must keep replenishing the supplies of meaning, energy, connection, performance and results for work to keep working.”

The Truth

The truth is, employee engagement is essential for organizational success, so companies should find what works for their employees and take action. Sustainability is better served by proactive individuals opposed to reactive.

What do your employees need?

With all of the above provided, employees are shown to be more productive, profitable, loyal and customer-focused. Think you’re already doing a good job? Employee-engagement researchers report that nearly one-third of employees think managers fail to communicate goals effectively. Maybe it’s time to review your process.

The Solution

One best practice for fostering employee engagement is to implement talent management. With the right tool, companies can link goals with compensation, so that performance directly impacts reward, which increases overall satisfaction and your ability to retain top talent. Streamline the performance review process with the convenience of online facilitation of self-reviews, manager reviews and even 360-degree reviews.