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This Easter, Put ALL Your Eggs in ONE Basket

Go ahead, do it: Put all your eggs in one basket.

We get that you’ve probably been told to do the opposite all your life, but here’s the thing: Today’s employees don’t want several baskets; they want one basket. That is, one place to access all their eggs, including their nest egg of pay stubs and 401(k) contributions. By eggs, we mean their employee data: benefits info, performance reviews, vacation accruals, training courses and more.

EGGcellent benefits

The benefit of implementing an employee self-service portal falls into several categories, but we’re going to focus on two important ones today; cost savings and improved employee engagement.

As you are aware, time is money. With your HR and payroll eggs in one basket, employees do not have to waste time logging into multiple software solutions to clock-in, complete a required course or to submit reimbursements. Having all their information in one place also frees your HR up from answering typical HR questions about login information, etc.

Another prime example of cost savings is demonstrated by the move to electronic pay statements. Employees can view and print new pay statements on demand and the need for printing and postage is eliminated.

A second area of benefits to consider is improved employee engagement. Today’s employees expect the information they need to be online. Nearly everything else they do these days can be done on the go or anywhere internet access is available. Even things that once seemed risky like banking or buying a car are activities people are doing daily online – including your employees.

With 24/7 access and insight into employee information, a self-service portal empowers your employees and managers, doing away with the scrambled method of multiple logins and different passwords that would leave anyone’s patience fried. Now employees can be more productive and engaged knowing that everything they would need is right at their fingertips.

Employee self-service is exactly what it’s cracked up to be: easy to use, engaging and empowering. Anything else is just egg on your face.