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How a Recent Study Proves Paycom Is the Right HR Tech

When you’re a small business owner, every choice matters.

Whether you’re putting smiles on the faces of your community or providing care to those who need it most, you need technology that your business can rely on. However, the wrong tech can prove costly to your business as it accumulates both errors and unproductive hours spent troubleshooting them.

Every business not only needs some form of HR, but also a system that is equipped with the right tools to elevate your organization. A recent Nucleus Research study showed just how damaging ineffective HR software can be and how Paycom’s single software can enable your business to focus on what it does best.

Greater accuracy

HR is about empowering your employees. Tracing the daily challenges of two organizations, one reliant on paper-based processes and the other on another major HR software, the study proves there may be no better way to do so than by putting employees’ data back in their hands.

While using Paycom, businesses reported a decrease in data errors related to payroll and benefits reconciliations from their previous HR solution. Furthermore, organizations noted on average a 55% reduction in HR data errors overall. In short, Paycom can enable your HR department to be twice as effective while taking the need for tedious data entry off their plate.

The time your team gets back adds up quickly. One business reported that by processing its payroll through Paycom, its HR professionals were able to save two to three hours a week compared to its previous provider. Additionally, an organization found that Paycom decreased its most common payroll errors by 80%, saving it 55 labor hours annually that were previously spent addressing such discrepancies while enhancing the integrity of its employee data.

In what ways could your business grow with this extra time?

Better accessibility

Your HR software shouldn’t be a burden on your employees. When your tech is cumbersome and difficult to use, it can have a lasting impact on your workforce’s morale.

Paycom liberates your employees’ data and delivers it to them in a single, easy-to-use application they can access anywhere, anytime. In interviews, every business in the survey noted Paycom’s user interface was intuitive and straightforward, even for non-technical employees. One organization noted it was taken aback by Paycom’s employee-driven experience, as it results in fewer exchanges of personal information, fewer data errors and greater employee engagement overall. Another business found that by putting data in their employees’ hands with Paycom and its suite of self-service tools, they were able to increase productivity related to payroll tasks by 66%. This means employees can be proactive and ensure their compensation is accurate well before they’re actually paid.

With the right HR tools at your disposal, the data proves your organization can take leaps. Don’t let your HR technology limit how far you can go. Discover how Paycom can help your business. Schedule a demo today.


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