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How Clubs Positively Impact the Workplace

Alongside food and shelter, a sense of belonging is another basic human need, according to Psychology Today. With the average American spending 90,000 hours at work over their lifetime, per Business Insider, that need is sought within the workplace, as well as outside it.

Developing relationships between co-workers through shared common interests can drive engagement and help employees feel connected to their company in ways other than simply believing in the organization’s mission.

Workplace clubs can be an effective engagement effort and can show your company’s concern for your employees’ well-being while allowing them to embrace their passions at work. Consider these three categories – all of which Paycom practices – when creating clubs or interest groups for your workforce.

Play ball

Gallup research shows 63% of Americans are sports fans, and 72% of 18- to 29-year-olds watch sports. Clearly, sports are a gathering method and a factor in bringing communities together.

Within Paycom, table tennis, basketball, volleyball and other sport leagues garner interest and drive friendly competition from employees across all departments, while staff build relationships and share common interests.

Creating leagues for your employees, or sponsoring a team from your organization to play in an outside league, brings people with the same sentiments together to compete toward a shared, um, goal.

Lead on

Not only do leadership clubs help build employee aspirations of rising in the ranks, they also help your organization identify candidates for potential higher-level positions. It’s a win-win for any company.

Paycom’s award-winning LEAD program inspires 360-degree leadership from all members through the values of learning, service and leadership. LEAD hosts monthly and quarterly in-person and remote learning sessions to help boost members’ business acumen and leadership skills.

Consider starting a leadership book club to gauge interest and then establishing a leadership program for your workforce. It’s an ideal way to build something beneficial for both your employees and your company.

Be creative

Painting events, fiber arts club and book club are just a few of the ways Paycom helps encourage creativity within its workforce. According to Forbes, art within the workplace can reduce stress and boost creativity, while reading books allows employees to learn new concepts and think critically – all traits that can benefit their work.

Employee interests vary, but the need for belonging is the same. Increase engagement and drive productivity by establishing clubs and small groups for your workers to meet others and share their passions. It’s a cost-effective way to reduce turnover and help your employees network across teams.