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How to Make Background Screenings Part of a Winning HR Strategy

Time is a finite resource, especially during the hiring process. Even though you might prefer your top candidate to get on the schedule as soon as possible, it’s important to be diligent as you vet their qualifications. But when it comes to more time-intensive steps like pre-employment screenings, if you don’t move fast enough, the right candidate could very well accept an offer somewhere else.

Time is of the essence

According to a study by and the Professional Background Screening Association, 66% of organizations say the biggest challenge in conducting employment screenings is waiting for the results. You might think the solution is to use a shorter, less exhaustive screening system so those good candidates don’t get away, but that opens you to the possibility of hiring a less-than-desirable candidate who might contribute to an unsafe workplace.

Keeping in line with Paycom’s performance toward efficiency, Enhanced Background Checks® delivers screening results up to 150% faster* than the leading competitor. With this quick turnaround, you’ll have the benefit of fast, industry-best screenings so top candidates don’t fall through the cracks.

No stones are left unturned when it comes to educational verification, employment verification, credit checks, public records searches, and drug and health screening.


Don’t settle for second-best (or worse!)

In a 2018 report, found that 95% of surveyed employers used at least one type of background screening during the hiring process. Safety was cited as the primary reason for conducting these checks, but improving the quality of new hires and regulatory compliance also ranked high.

The wrong hire could expose you to costs in the form of legal fees, damages and the loss of business that such an employee can create. Even college degree fraud could expose your organization to a host of consequences.

As a full-service consumer reporting agency, Paycom is able to deliver the clearest possible insight into the history of an applicant. No stones are left unturned when it comes to educational verification, employment verification, credit checks, public records searches and drug and health screening.

It’s also important for an HR information systems platform to add automation to your routine tasks and deliver the vital information you need, including giving employers the ability to conduct recurring background checks on current employees at any time. These applications make it quicker and easier to make informed decisions about who is likely to best represent your organization.


Employees are an investment, so invest wisely

Bringing on new hires involves a great deal of time and financial commitment, and you need to know you’re making the right decision. The Society for Human Resource Management estimates the cost of hiring a single employee is $4,425 — a substantial sum that should be directed toward candidates that will benefit your organization. As you move forward in the hiring process, obtaining a quality background check in less time means you’ll be able to protect your resources while you make the best possible hiring decisions.

Talent acquisition is a critical part of achieving your organizational goals, and now you can take control of your background checks and create customized screening plans focused on your goals, all within our single software for every HR need.

*Based on client research