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How to Manage and Answer Employee Questions With Confidence

HR professionals spend a lot of time answering simple employee questions, like:

  • “When does my dental insurance kick in?”
  • “I can’t find my keys; where’s lost and found?”
  • “Who do I ask about my stock options?”
  • “Where do I report a workplace accident?”

Today, employees are more inquisitive, desire thorough responses and expect transparency. According to Gallup, millennials cite “open and transparent” leadership among their top needs. In short, an organization won’t earn the trust of its workforce without a culture of communication.

One way to foster transparency is by empowering employees with a secure tool to easily ask questions and receive answers.

Why is efficient feedback important for today’s workforce?

HR professionals want to help employees. But this is tough when all questions funnel to one person. Often, the process is a mess of forwarded emails, endless phone tag and inefficient drop-by visits. Employees quickly grow frustrated as their questions stall in a constant bottleneck and may start wondering if their voice is ever heard.


Organizations need to provide regular, efficient feedback. Newer generations thrive when they’re heard. In a Deloitte survey, 9 in 10 Gen Zers and millennials feel a sense of belonging when they’re empowered to drive change in their workplace.

Efficient feedback propels a business’s longevity by reducing employee stress and promoting proactive HR. But how do companies consistently provide it?

How to field employee questions in the digital reality

Employee questions aren’t exclusive to HR. Another department once faced a similar challenge.

IT managers were flooded with questions about software, hardware and other tech concerns. Headaches were rampant, and something had to change. Luckily, innovation wasn’t far behind.

IT professionals expedited and smoothed the process for everyone involved by creating a ticketing system. The solution automatically assigned questions to categories, then forwarded them to the best representative to answer.

A tool that automatically routes employee questions to the right person to help — in or out of HR — simplifies a complex process. That’s the idea behind Ask Here.

Easily accessed through Employee Self-Service® — and Paycom’s mobile app — Ask Here is perfect for HR professionals and employees. Employees can easily ask questions anytime, anywhere. They simply:

  • select a question category
  • provide details
  • submit

Their inquiries are then automatically routed to the right person to answer them, automating an otherwise time-consuming process.

How Ask Here helps HR professionals

With Ask Here, HR professionals spend less time manually sorting redundant employee questions and more time developing impactful strategies.

Ask Here reduces the administrative burden by:

  • displaying employee questions in one convenient, easy-to-use dashboard
  • saving customizable templates and answers to common inquiries
  • filtering questions to exactly the right person
  • tracking categories, response times and other important details

How Ask Here helps employees

To employees, trust is priceless. And according to Morning Consult, 42% of Generation Z and 30% of millennials say the average American company has to earn it.

As a simple and efficient tool built for fielding and answering employee questions, Ask Here helps instill the confidence workforces need.

Ask Here is accessible and detailed and empowers employees to:

  • easily and quickly ask important questions
  • attach any relevant documentation
  • review all previous questions and conversations
  • receive instant notifications about new responses
  • use a familiar chat experience

Best of all, Ask Here is available in the same, easy-to-use app — with one login and password — where employees manage all their HR data!

How Ask Here helps real businesses

An office technology solutions company saw an immediate benefit with the tool. Previously, the HR director said managing employee questions was a perpetual cycle of email clutter. Ask Here was the answer they desperately needed.

“We’ve got all of the questions and answers there, and it’s just easy,” he said. “You can have time to spend on other tasks that you need to do, rather than going back and forth between multiple systems.”

Learn how Ask Here helps HR foster trust within your workforce. And explore Paycom’s easy-to-use app to see how it empowers employees at every level.

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