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Improving Day One Productivity with a Seamless On-boarding Process

One in four new hires leave before their second year on the job. While it’s easy to point the finger at the employee for not adapting to their new environment, the blame is easily a shared responsibility with the employer. Inexperience, lack of preparedness and a poor on-boarding system are all contributing factors to a new hire’s struggles.

Companies spend thousands of dollars and countless hours on recruiting only to have a disappointing on-boarding process day one; leaving employees wondering if they made the right choice or not. Although on-boarding is a critical step in the recruitment process, it often becomes an afterthought. First impressions set the tone right off the bat, so anticipate the needs of new hires and have a clear plan in place before they arrive.

Imagine you’re about to embark on a new career.

The job jitters are at an all-time high; what can you expect? How can you make an impression? Anticipation can be tamed with a seamless on-boarding process that is both simple and structured. However, you don’t have to wait until day one to start.

As the hiring manager, you can extend a welcome package outlining what to expect, in addition to, general company/department information that would be beneficial. Follow up to make sure they received the packet and take a moment to answer any lingering questions; leave nothing unexpected.

Improve day one productivity

HR professionals have the added responsibility to make sure that a new hire’s first day transcends any built up expectations. Despite the jitters, a new beginning can be exciting, but that feeling can wear off quickly once you consider all that needs to be done. Given the monotony associated with paperwork, first day excitement can easily be tainted by a poor process.

At Paycom we work diligently a week in advance to make sure they’ve dotted all their I’s and crossed all their T’s, prior to the new hires arriving. Upon arrival, new hires are given a tour of the building then escorted into a room for a short pump-up video, shedding light on the Paycom culture. Just before diving into the on-boarding process, a member of the HR department will explain the history of Paycom, inviting each new employee to join in on the journey. Adding those little extras can really enhance the overall experience and confirm the excitement a new hire feels.

When considering your day one process, keep these four considerations in mind:

  1. Have a process,
  2. Be consistent in following that process,
  3. Make a list and check it twice and
  4. Make it fun!

The Solution

Before choosing a provider, be sure they can accommodate you with the proper on-boarding benefits.

The right on-boarding tool should have a task assignment service, in which checklists can be set up with tasks such as submitting W-4s, completing harassment training, setting up payroll, etc. In addition, you can run a report showing the progress of all tasks assigned so that you can send reminders to employees or managers for timely completion.

Automation is a leading feature of a proper on-boarding process. Once an employee fills in their information once, that information provided auto populates throughout the system, so that you (the HR professional) or the employee do not have to re-key information. Rather, the process is seamless making the overall experience more enjoyable.