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Innovation: Living Deliberately with Intention

All great innovations begin with someone intending to be different, better and successful. If you don’t have intent, you can’t innovate.

Imagine starting construction on your dream home without a blueprint; scary, right? There are so many details to be discussed and planned before you can break ground. Without a plan, you set yourself up for failure. So, we take the time and are diligent and methodical as we decide what wall goes where and which crown molding to use in the dining room. This is intention.

But if we spend this much time and effort on building a home, how much time are we spending on our life’s blueprint? How detailed is it? What happens if we don’t have one? Everything we do is for a reason, guided by our thoughts, desires and beliefs – our intentions. In order to live deliberately with intention, everything you do must be on purpose, for a purpose and with a purpose.

On Purpose

Be deliberate and intentional in all areas of your life. Don’t let life “just happen” to you; think through your thoughts, examine your decisions and own your actions by owning your intentions. How does this relate to work?

  • Smile on purpose
  • Dress professional on purpose
  • Help a team member on purpose
  • Respond to clients on purpose
  • Be prepared on purpose

Ask yourself questions like, “what purpose does this serve?” If the answer is “none,” stop doing it.

For a Purpose

The use of mobile devices can be distracting. Have you ever caught yourself at dinner with your significant other and you’re both on your phones? Why do we do this? What problem does this solve? How important will this be in 10 years, 10 days, or 10 minutes? Don’t waste time on negativity and useless tasks. Instead, protect your mind, your schedule and your priorities.

With a Purpose

Once you’ve decided, then be present. Be an active participant in your own life. When you show up, really show up. Make your presence known and be confident, be passionate and be relentless.