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Just OK Isn’t Enough: HR Myths About Workplace Tech

When your workforce is ready to get down to business, they want to do their best.

But there’s a catch: They expect you, as an employer, to do the same. Are you giving them everything they need on their climb to success?

What they need most

A comfy desk chair and free coffee just isn’t enough these days. What employees really want is technology that allows them be as effective as possible.

It’s true! Earlier this year, Paycom commissioned an independent nationwide study from OnePoll, which found nearly 70% of office workers were willing to take a pay cut if it meant their workplace tech could be twice as effective as what they’re using now.

If you can help your people reach their peak potential, you’ll move the organizational needle while also boosting the employee experience. If you can’t clear those barriers, turnover and less-than-stellar productivity could be in your future.

What may cause turnover

As your employees realize their potential, they’ll become more engaged (and more valuable) in the process. Employees who are able to meet their self-actualization needs at work are less likely to look for better professional opportunities, allowing you to hold on to all the benefits of a workforce that’s experienced and committed.

On the flip side, you may increase your turnover by not helping your employees develop. 2020 caused many workers to realign their priorities, and now they’re looking to address those newly realized needs by switching employers. According to a Microsoft study, almost 40% of currently employed workers are looking to change jobs amidst the economic recovery. Better tech provides employers with a way to help employees meet their development needs, decreasing the odds of employees looking for greener pastures. When it comes to attracting talent from this new group of job-hunters, an organization can set itself apart from the competition with the technology candidates experience during the recruiting and onboarding process.

How to address the challenge

When vetting tech-based solutions to help your workforce progress, look for one that eliminates barriers and boosts efficiency. A Deloitte report revealed the average company still uses up to 15 HR systems of record. For your HR team, a significant tech upgrade could enable the automation of routine tasks with a streamlined solution that frees them from the endless holding pattern of data entry that steals time from high-level strategic activities.

On the employee side, your staff doesn’t need or want you to hold their hand through all their normal HR processes. But right now, only 18% of employees are using HR tech to enroll in their benefits, and 58% of office workers aren’t allowed to use HR software just to update their personal info. If employees can utilize a single self-serve platform to access their benefits, complete basic tasks like training or enrollment and even doing their own payroll, their employee experience improves and they have more time to focus on the actual content of their work.

As you prepare your organization and your employees for the goals ahead, enable the tools that let everyone surge forward on the path to unlocking their full potential. To see where you stand on your climb to success, spend three minutes taking our quiz today!


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