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Moving to the Cloud: A Better Strategy?

In recent years, enterprise content management (ECM) has been handled on-premises; however, the spike in cost and lost data has companies looking to redefine their systems. A shocking 74 percent of organizations have experienced data loss at the workplace; of that number, 32 percent take several days to recover, while 16 percent never do.

As companies grow, so should their processes. Keeping track of information on a hard drive is like playing with fire: Huge risks exist, with no guarantee that things will end well.

A Better Way

The cloud is growing. In fact, companies are jumping on the bandwagon in increasing numbers, and for good reason: With the cloud, you can access information any time and from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection, which is an extremely important asset for businesses with distributed workforces. While more companies are looking to the sky for better options, the progression to the cloud has been a bit slow.

In the past, companies have relied on alternative options for ECM. One such method is file sharing, which allows public or private distribution of information within a network. The usability is diverse and can range between levels of appointed access. Despite security concerns and compliance risks, companies like this option because it’s easily accessible. Others skittish of placing data on a network may opt to exchange files via USB flash drives (also called “travel drives”). Aware of these issues, ECM vendors have developed progressive technology as a solution – one that lives in the cloud.

The cloud allows for traditional ECM functionality with the added bonus of easier access and improved security standards. Coupled with unparalleled disaster-recovery plans, centralized data storage and cost savings, this new technology may have employers feeling like they’re on cloud nine.

The Paycom Solution

Just make sure you’ve vetted your provider prior to signing up for cloud services, because not every firm is created equal.

Paycom’s technology meets all your ECM needs with a single-application solution that offers an efficient, headache-free document and task management tool. Records are stored securely in one centralized location, keeping your data readily accessible, yet protecting it from potential threats. By moving files to the cloud, you spend less time and money on paper, printing and file storage.