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‘Multiple Passwords Are My Jam’ and Other Things HR Will Never Say

If there’s one thing HR professionals love, it’s entering and re-entering employee data that employees could enter themselves one time, the first time: their hours worked, their dependents, their expenses and more. Carpal tunnel syndrome, here we come!

And if there’s one thing employees love, it’s having multiple systems to navigate, each requiring its own unique password they’re likely to forget. Hope your office invests in sticky notes!



While those are the ways business used to be done — and still are in too many organizations nationwide — they slow everyone down, from the front lines to the C-suite. The advent of HR technology has enabled businesses to digitally streamline functions that have historically been manual and redundant (and rife with errors).

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, automation is the answer: “An HR department that runs at peak performance can help its organization do the same. ‘Efficiency’ includes reaching the best outcomes in a timely and resourceful manner as well as streamlining basic tasks so that you can spend more time on the complex issues. Technology has become available to handle administrative chores like time tracking, payroll and onboarding at increasingly affordable rates.”

Nobody knows you like you do

Jimmy wants to update his home address in the system? So what?

Marie wants to provide her bank account number for direct deposit? Who cares?

Well, Jimmy and Marie, for starters! The point is nobody cares more or has a better understanding of this data than they do, and HR tech like Paycom’s Employee Self-Service® provides them with a single software (with only a single password!) to put their personal-data expertise to work, ensuring that their info is secure and entered correctly and on time every time.

When HR isn’t entering employee data — or fixing their own mistakes in doing so — they’re liberated to spend time working toward strategic goals that really move the needle.

Payday is the best day

Jimmy and Marie are looking forward to payday, and when they have the transparency to double-check their own payroll information prior to submission using Paycom’s Beti®, they’re able to be confident that the paycheck they’ve worked so hard for will be accurate.

Did Jimmy’s sales commissions get entered accurately? He’s got bills to pay, and fixing those paycheck errors take time.

And Marie just got back from vacation, so she’d like to make sure that her paid-vacation time is recorded accurately before her tan fades.

When employees are verifying their own info prior to payday, those hardworking folks in HR don’t have to. And after payday? Fewer errors to fix means fewer headaches all around.

PTO made E-Z

Why stop there? Paycom’s Employee Self-Service is more than just a way to simplify onboarding or benefits administration processes. Minor tasks can easily stack up and overwhelm an HR department, but a self-service platform streamlines even the simplest functions like time-off requests.

With simple HR tech, employees can submit their time-off requests digitally, which their supervisors can approve or deny with the click of a button — even through an automated email. Even better, giving employees access to such functionality means HR might not ever have to hear these words again, over the phone or in person: “How many vacation hours do I have left?”

Sounds sweet, huh?

Small biz, big rewards

According to a recent Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey, smaller employers are increasingly looking to HR tech not only for core record-keeping, but also to track metrics like turnover and payroll expenses. Your organization doesn’t need to be a multinational conglomerate to benefit from automation.

To the contrary, smaller businesses can realize significant benefits from employing HR tech. Employees have to get paid in companies of all sizes, and employee-driven tools — like Paycom’s Beti, for example  — let any organization realize the efficiency of an employee-driven payroll process.

With the right tech in place in your organization, you’ll be able to use efficiency as a strategic advantage when you take on the competition, and you’ll have a workforce that’s engaged in the processes that matter most to them.

Now your staff has their HR groove back and everyone’s moving in the same direction. A single software says sayonara to Post-it passwords and tedious time-off tickets. Your HR staff is free to do their best work as soon as they get the Polaroid out to take your Employee of the Month photo.

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