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Next-Level Employee Training and Development

Not all workplace learning programs are created equal. Effective ones can increase productivity and improve the employee experience, which is vital in today’s tight labor market where people’s jobs are changing rapidly. But one out of three employees says uninspiring content is a barrier to learning and can influence their decision to leave an organization, according to a report from learning analyst Towards Maturity.

Additionally, Association for Talent Development research reveals that companies with comprehensive training programs enjoy a 24% higher profit margin than those without one. The business impact is measurable and relevant.

Because training and development have such a profound effect on a company’s overall strategy and growth, creating an efficient program is paramount to long-term success. Learning platforms are a popular solution because they give organizations the ability to administer, track and report on their educational courses through a single system. The best ones also provide functionality for dynamic content creation and allow employees to demonstrate what they learned. Paycom Learning does both.

Interactive video creation

The Video Content Creator in Paycom Learning allows subject-matter experts to share their knowledge with the rest of the company by creating and distributing microlearning content quickly and easily. There’s no need to shoot a polished video in a big studio to be effective; a smartphone is all you need. Plus, shorter learning units delivered more frequently have been shown to increase employee engagement and improve retention of the material presented.

To start using the feature:

  1. Clients can simply grant access to the appropriate individuals – usually a training manager or supervisor – through their user profile.
  2. The user can then upload their own video directly into the system through his or her smartphone.
  3. Then the user can add any accompanying materials or assessments, such as quiz questions, that the employee can answer when he or she takes the course.

Proof of skills mastery

Taking a test is how many learners show their competency, but this traditional approach isn’t the only way – and possibly not the best way – for your employees to prove they learned new skills.

With Paycom Learning’s Performance Evidence feature, clients can create courses that allow employees to demonstrate knowledge of a specific topic or tool to confirm they are truly grasping the material – even from their mobile device.

For example, workers in manufacturing can watch a five-minute video from their supervisor on the proper way to use a new piece of equipment, record themselves performing what they learned, and submit it right from their tablet or phone. Managers or trainers then can provide direct feedback on the employee’s performance, creating a true feedback loop that promotes effective continued development.

Compliance and accountability

As the labor shortage and digital transformation continue, the need for robust workplace learning programs will increase. Paycom Learning comes with a built-in library of user-friendly courses on foundational topics, which employees can easily access along with assigned courses and other content relevant to your company and their role in it.

Plus, the new Course Status Dashboard gives managers real-time insight into who has – or hasn’t – completed assigned courses.

To help attract, develop and retain top talent, employers should evaluate their training and development initiatives to ensure they’re exceeding the expectations of today’s workforce.

Learn more about Paycom Learning’s interactive features and latest enhancements.