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Plugged In: A Single-Database Solution for the Hybrid Workforce

2020 accelerated the transformation of the workplace, and businesses must reevaluate their tech systems and the employee experiences they create. According to data from McKinsey & Company, we vaulted forward five years in consumer and business digital adoption between March and May 2020. The workplace of tomorrow will need to embrace a variety of different strategies, and the use of a hybrid workforce that can be effective on-site or remotely should be top of mind. To make the leap, you’ll need the right tech.

But how do your employees feel about the tech you offer now? Recently, Paycom commissioned a OnePoll survey to discover how employees really feel about the technology they use to do their jobs. The results revealed one truth you should know: Employees don’t want more technology; they want better technology. According to the survey, 77% of office workers said they could get more done with up-to-date technology, and nearly 70% said they would take a pay cut to have tech that’s twice as effective as what they have now! The right tech helps them do more and frees them from daily frustration.

Find hot talent in a hot market

In a digital workplace, if you’re not using the right tools or technology, finding a top-performing employee is increasingly difficult. Competitive applicants expect state-of-the-art technology in the workplace, but that isn’t what most employees experience — 67% said they don’t believe their organization values digital transformation.

To compete for top talent, especially for a hybrid workforce in today’s tightened labor market, a tech-forward position is a must. Businesses providing the right technology for their employees will effectively recruit, reduce turnover and enhance the employee experience and boost their bottom line. The best way to start? Begin before Day 1 by implementing an applicant tracking system to help identify, engage and recruit top candidates to become part of your team.

Empower to expect more

A hybrid workforce must strike a balance between in-office and at-home setups, so it’s important that workplace tech allows employees and managers to complete essential tasks from anywhere. Is your tech up to the job? The OnePoll study I mentioned earlier found employees spend 36 minutes each day dealing with incompatible systems. That’s 19.5 wasted days every year! And the No. 1 reason employees are dissatisfied with workplace tech? Too many logins.

The first step to employee usage is tech that employees can use easily, and what’s easier than using one application with one password? Having a single-software HR platform can remove hours of wasted time and provide a peace of mind to your employees that elevates the employee experience. Plus, a platform that also offers an easy-to-use mobile app means employees can update their information, request time off and more from anywhere.

With a hybrid workforce, employee usage is essential to completing many basic functions, including HR and payroll. A goal of 100% employee usage not only helps realize the full ROI of your HR tech; it also increases engagement for a dispersed workforce. Tools like Paycom’s Direct Data Exchange® make it easy to monitor employee usage and identify areas for improvement.

A streamlined tech solution can help manage your hybrid workforce

Stay compliant and connected

The compliance landscape changed drastically in the past year. Reliable technology is now key to helping reduce liability and ensure compliance with new legislation like the Families First Coronavirus Response Act and the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, while helping you comply with existing statutes such as FLSA, ACA, COBRA and others.

Automation can help employers meet compliance challenges by undertaking necessary tracking, storage or communication tasks that might fall through the cracks of a manual system. Keeping track of COBRA notifications or administering wage garnishments can be time-consuming and complex, making them ideal candidates for the precision of automation.

For your hybrid workforce, meeting your compliance obligations is more manageable with a single HR tech solution where data flows seamlessly and empowered employees can input and verify essential information.

One solution for all your needs

Business owners have proven two things over the last year: their enduring adaptability and the importance of the right tech. When you have one system that meets your current needs and grows with your business in the future, you’ll see efficiencies across the board.


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Jennifer Kraszewski
Jennifer Kraszewski, Paycom’s senior executive vice president of human resources, has more than 20 years of HR leadership experience, driving transformative, business-focused human capital strategies in high-growth industries to achieve efficiencies, compliance and employee engagement. Named by Human Resource Executive® magazine as one of the Top 100 HR Tech Influencers in 2020 and 2021, Kraszewski is a featured blogger and hosts webinars on HR topics through the Society for Human Resource Management, HR Daily and She is SPHR- and SHRM-SCP-certified.