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Revise Your Company’s Role in Preserving the Earth

Now is the perfect time to evaluate the role your organization plays in waste reduction and energy conservation. The U.S. produces 30% of the planet’s total waste and uses 17% of world’s total energy consumption, according to the Frontier Group and American Geosciences Institute, respectively. Where does your business stand in lessening both of those numbers?

Tackling a green initiative within your company doesn’t have to be arduous or revolutionary. Here are three simple, Earth-friendly ideas Paycom employs at its corporate headquarters for consideration at your place of business.

green earth illustration

Recycling matters

Reducing both pollution and deforestation, recycling gives old and used things a new lease on life, as they are reused or remade into newer items such as furniture or shoes.

At Paycom, cardboard, aluminum and plastic recycling have reduced the amount of waste going into Oklahoma City’s landfills.

If your company uses recyclable items, consider creating a companywide recycling program. Your employees can take responsibility for waste and eventually, benefit physically and mentally from the program. Who knows? Maybe they’ll end up reusing an item they previously recycled!

Sunrise preserving the earth illustration

Ditch the plastic foam

Plastic foam to-go boxes, cups and the materials that make them are hazardous to the ozone layer, causing many U.S. cities to ban the substance. Paycom has recently reduced usage of these items.

Recognizing and replacing plastic foam items within your organization helps reduce landfill waste and creates energy efficiencies, as 2.5 million out of the 3 million tons of Styrofoam produced each year end up in landfills around the U.S., according to the Green Dining Alliance. Imagine the possibilities if that production power were used elsewhere!

green trees preserving the earth illustration

Keep it green

Producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide, trees and flowers provide a dual benefit when it comes to helping the environment, according to North Carolina State University.

Paycom’s corporate headquarters are constantly “in bloom” with around 900 trees and 20,000 flowers planted around campus, and your company can create a flourishing environment as well.

If you have your own campus or building, consider creating flower beds and planting trees around the grounds. If your organization shares office space, complete a tree- or flower-planting project on or around Earth Day with your employees. Even a small office plant can help support a healthy environment. Consider giving employees seed packets or starter plants for use at home.

Whether it’s reducing waste or conserving energy, there is no wrong way to help your company “go green.” Any initiative to reduce your impact on the Earth is good for it, your company and your employees.