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Are You Settling for "Good Enough?"

Great leaders don’t become great overnight, rather, there is a constant need to improve. Although luck may play a part, it certainly is not the sole reason your top performers are moving into senior management positions. What sets them apart? Desire. Great leaders know that “getting comfortable” is unacceptable. They’re always looking for ways to improve, to learn and to excel, no matter what their job.

This type of mindset is invaluable for businesses, but research shows many companies aren’t capitalizing on their “great” people?

According to a survey by Deloitte University Press, companies aren’t developing enough leaders nor are they capitalizing on the one’s they have. In fact, the authors of this finding concluded that only 13 percent of respondents felt they did an excellent job of developing leaders within their organization. The lack of leadership puts major constraints on growth and expansion, so what’s the answer?

The solution is simple; companies need to develop more leaders and at all levels. The key word here is develop. The survey states, “this means putting potential leaders in positions that stretch them beyond their current skill sets, and continuously coaching and supporting leaders so they can build their capabilities as rapidly as possible.” You can never settle. Even great leaders within your organization need constant training.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • Develop in-house leadership trainings customized to build the skills needed to grow your people and your company.  If in-house training is not an option, recommend outside development programs
  • Align leadership strategies with your business goals. For example, our company is constantly hiring, so training our leaders on interviewing skills is vital.  For a company with high turn-over, maybe management training is the priority.
  • Encourage top executives to administer leadership development. We do monthly leadership trainings open to all employees, taught by our own executives and senior leaders.
  • Empower employees to be leaders wherever they are (for reinforcement see: Are You a 360 Degree Leader?)

It’s no longer enough to be good; employers should expect and want their employees to be great – and they want to be great. Create an environment of opportunity with on-going training and development. Try the practices listed above or create your own.  Your employees will love it, your business will grow and more great leaders will be born.