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Shark Tank’s Barbara Corcoran Talks Opening Employee Dialogue for Business Success

Communication is not an option. The only true choice is whether to actively participate in it, because a lack of dialogue speaks volumes about a company’s leadership and directly impacts its ability to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

According to The Holmes Report, the total estimated cost of lost productivity from communication barriers is $37 billion, with a cumulative cost per worker of $26,041 annually. And if you’re not proactively conversing with employees, chances are they aren’t reaching out to you, either. Leaders would likely agree, if people don’t talk it out, they will act it out.

From change management initiatives to helping employees get answers to common questions, effective, but professional discourse is crucial. So, how can businesses elevate their efforts to help keep employees happy, engaged and productive?

A change is coming

Most people don’t jump up and down with excitement when they hear things are changing. It doesn’t matter if it’s new workplace technology or phasing out old processes; organizational transformation is often met with resistance.

ABC’s Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran believes that advanced planning is the best way to overcome opposition to transformation.

“No one likes a change. And what they really don’t like is a surprise change that happens quickly,” she said in a recent episode of the HR Break Room podcast. “So giving long, advanced notice, and giving meaningful information as to what’s going to be involved and not giving too much information – that’s an art of communication that’s essential.”

Additionally, Corcoran recommends leaders solicit feedback because two-way communication sets the tone for the whole organization, making it vital for business success.

Handling employee questions

How many forwarded emails, rounds of phone tag and drop-by visits should it take for workers to get answers? For organizations focused on elevating the employee experience, the response should be “zero.”

A direct line of communication is imperative to ensure employees know where to ask questions. For example, Paycom’s Ask Here tool directly connects employees to answers, skipping the middleman so inquiries are handled with speed and accuracy.

Employees have access to the system 24/7, allowing them to submit questions whenever, wherever from their Employee Self-Service® mobile app. This reduces HR’s administrative burden while putting everyone on the path to increased engagement and productivity – a long-desired goal of HR professionals everywhere.