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Be Smart: Go Green to Save Green

With Earth Day here once again, it’s a perfect time to remind businesses looking to cut costs that going green is a smart way to get more green in your revenue stream. Embracing the sustainability of people and technology in these five tips ultimately should improve your bottom lines.

  1. Smart Energy Savings
  • Install light-emitting diode (LED) or compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) light bulbs. Their lifetime expectancy is much longer and less toxic than traditional bulbs, saving both you and Mother Earth.
  • Install smart power strips that sense when appliances or electronics are off. By doing this, you help eliminate 1% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions dispersed by so-called “vampire power.”
  1. Smart Water Savings
  • Consider drought-tolerant plants that are native to your area to save on watering costs.
  • If you’re supplying your employees with bottled water, switch to a water-filtration system to save expenses and reduce plastic piling up in landfills. If you have it in the budget, give your employees a reusable water bottle branded with the company’s logo.
  1. Go Paperless
  • Begin using a document management system , allowing you to ditch the copier once and for all.
  • Paper copies cost between 5 and 12 cents per page, and one tree produces about 8,333 sheets of paper. For each tree you save by going paperless, you save roughly between $416 and $1,000.
  1. Smart Transportation Savings
  • Promote walking or biking to work with your employees. This saves on gas and parking costs, while improving the overall health of your workforce, which can have a positive impact on your insurance plan.
  • Carpooling incentives work and create community, while also helping to reduce CO2 emissions.
  • Some cities are offering car-sharing programs, which have helped to reduce CO2 emissions by more than 482,000 tons.
  1. Smart Recycling Tips
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle. That’s the saying taught to children, but implementing this simple concept in your workplace helps to create jobs in the recycling space while reducing pollution.
  • Donate or recycle electronics, as such devices contains mercury and other toxins.

By taking the necessary steps this Earth Day, you can make a lasting impression on the world in which you live as well as the business you operate. Going green is also a smart way to leverage award opportunities, recruit millennials and instill a reputation as a world partner.

About the author
Author picture, Jason Bodin
Jason Bodin
Jason Bodin has been the communications pulse for a number of organizations, including Paycom, where he serves as director of public relations and corporate communications. He helped launch Paycom’s blog, webinar platform and social media channels. He aided in the development of Paycom’s tool to assist organizations in complying with the Affordable Care Act, one of the largest changes in health care the country has seen. A graduate of the University of Oklahoma, Bodin previously worked for ESPN and Fox Sports. In his free time, he enjoys adventuring with his family, reading and strengthening his business acumen.