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Stay Clued in to Employee Vaccination Data for Compliance Peace of Mind

For businesses requiring employee vaccination and testing data, Paycom’s Clue® helps you securely collect, track and manage that information so you’re clued in for your entire workforce.

All in our single, easy-to-use app, Clue has the functionality you need to help ensure compliance and navigate this challenge.

Accessible anywhere, anytime through our Employee Self-Service® tool, Clue allows your workforce to easily, quickly and securely enter their vaccination or testing information. It also provides automatic reminders to help affected employees stay on top of any testing requirements.

Customizable reporting

Clue’s insightful dashboard provides a single, intuitive location for all the information your team needs and actions that need to be taken. And through the power of predefined and customized reports, your HR team is able to better prepare itself for a possible audit. Clue even enables you to customize fields to meet your business’s specific needs.

By default, included reports cover:

  • vaccine type
  • vaccination status
  • first and second vaccine dose recipients
  • booster recipients
  • lost vaccination cards
  • test status
  • test types, dates tested and results
  • HR reviewers


Powerful insight

By tracking the percentage of your fully vaccinated workforce, real-time test results and upcoming testing deadlines, Clue allows HR to monitor and analyze employees efficiently and thoroughly while enabling a quick response in the face of a positive case. HR is also able to verify or deny any vaccination or test submissions and may even send push notifications to instantly notify an employee of possible discrepancies.

Clue’s dashboard also offers versatility, giving HR the ability to test schedules and exclude remote employees from the testing cycle. They may even add Form 3 exemptions for medical and religious accommodations.

Best of all, this tool works seamlessly with the rest of our single software, such as Ask Here, Government and Compliance, Paycom Learning and Documents and Checklists.

Learn more about how Clue helps your business stay safe and compliant here.


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