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Step One: Gather the Survivors

Zombie Interview

Imagine this: You walk into work and no one is there. No, it’s not Saturday; it’s the beginning of the HR Zombie Apocalypse and no one bothered to tell you! What do you do now? Go cry in the corner? Or start an awesome new team of people to get the job done? I’m going to go with the latter. According to Webrecruit, “Companies that have formal candidate relationship processes (such as through software), and track all their applicant communications, are 40 percent more likely to be ‘best in class.’” If a zombie apocalypse comes around, don’t be trapped with no way out; have a way to find the best individuals to help you and your company survive.

One Company’s Horror Story The inefficient recruitment process of this 145-employee energy company was the ideal spot for unqualified applicants. The slowing efforts to fill positions with applicants in a timely manner left the firm vulnerable and full of frustration. The energy company was throwing roughly $100,000 into inefficient recruitment and on-boarding processes. The lack of unified information and online recruiting tools left management with its hands tied and susceptible to an invasion. As this example proves, not having the proper applicant tracking system can make or break recruiting efforts. It’s never too late to find a solution for choosing the right people to keep your business safe and secure, zombie attack or not!

Planning for Attack Searching for applicants is a lot like scavenging for food, so remove the walkers from your recruitment pool with tools that provide you with the ability to recruit qualified candidates. Your first priority should be to find other survivors to strengthen your group while also getting rid of the roamers who may have inhabited the building. Since you can’t do it alone, the best way to begin this process is with knockout questions. For instance, “What’s your favorite food?” should not be answered with “human.” Understandably, this person is most likely not the strongest candidate to help you fight in the zombie apocalypse. After they are cleared and deemed eligible, you can move them through to your zombie – slaying crew, and then begin looking for other suitable candidates. Remember: Be cautious when choosing the right people. It could be the difference between survival and falling victim to the undead.

Find Your Sanctuary  The best attack plan for new hires is to find a solution that can be your sanctuary. Whether that is a prison, a school or in the cloud, that’s your choice. Just make sure it’s a provider with a solid foundation to keep you safe from harm’s way … and enables you to choose quality survivalists.

Original artwork by: Tyler Kelting