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Step Three: Protect Your Stash

Should a zombie apocalypse take over, would your documents be safe? According to research by the University of Texas, “Only six percent of companies suffering from a catastrophic loss survive, while 43 percent never reopen and 51 percent close within two years.” Don’t fall prey to these ghoulish stats; have a survival plan ready to go in case any “creepy crawlies” come lurking around your business.

One Company’s Horror Story

The bulging file cabinets of this 400-employee Arkansas bank were the perfect bait for any walker. The volumes of documents stored by the 100-year-old institution included job postings, resumes and reference checks, as well as personnel files with testing data, disciplinary files, and wage and payroll records. Each cobweb-covered document became a necessary burden that management was hesitant to change… until the zombie attack of 2010 cost them nearly $320,000 in destroyed paper files.

As I am sure this company will agree, don’t wait until it’s too late. Start crafting a plan for your document management now, so should you become the next target of an unwarranted zombie attack, you won’t become the victim, but rather the survivor!

Planning for Attack

Storing your paper documents in filing cabinets is not only costly, but a dangerous trap! To ensure you have ultimate protection, look to the cloud. A full-service electronic document management system (DMS) streamlines processes such as onboarding and keeps online personnel files secure, easily accessible and completely recoverable in the case of disaster like a flood, lightning strike or, yes, zombie attack.

With Halloween right around the corner, zombie attacks are certainly of concern, but they aren’t the only threat to your stash. Ever been in an audit? Some might even say it’s quite similar to a zombie attack. Auditors come marching into your business unannounced, wanting a peek into your information. If you’re not in compliance, well, let’s just say you may wish a zombie attack were a plausible excuse, because the fines can be quite costly.

With more extensive regulations and steeper fines, best practices in business compliance suggests that businesses with inefficient paper-based systems should reconsider their processes. The right DMS provides an audit trail for all documentation purposes. With secure storage, companies can meet retention requirements and authenticate the validity of information stored.

Find Your Sanctuary

When zombie attacks become a threat to your confidential information, the necessity to protect it heightens. Businesses can ensure their critical information and documents are secure by customizing user access levels. The right provider will have a tool that allows for granular security, so that businesses can prevent unwanted intrusions. With the right provider, you can rest easy knowing that your critical business information is safe from harm’s way. But, you still may want to sleep with one eye open, just to be safe.

Original Artwork by: Tyler Kelting