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Teach Me! The Learning Opportunities Employees Want

As many organizations step up hiring efforts, how can you ensure your workforce succeeds while driving organizational growth? In a recent Paycom webinar, we discussed this question and much more with Shelley Ballew, Paycom’s learning and development manager.

The ability to train new hires and upskill or reskill existing employees successfully can make or break a business. And that fact is not lost on executives. In a recent study, PwC found that 79% of CEOs regularly worry about their workforce’s existing skills and their ability to meet dynamic workplace needs.

What’s holding organizations back from providing the training experience employees need and want? Many companies don’t have a training platform that allows for easy customization and consistent instruction and instead rely on makeshift tools like email and video conferencing. According to Ballew, the right learning management technology can provide a must-have skill for businesses: agility.

“Recognizing that strategic and intentional learning help drive agility for an organization matters,” Ballew explained. “We’ve especially seen agility matter in the last year and a half — the ability to pivot and meet demands.”

Getting training right

Whether employees work in the office or at home, it’s imperative to have a way to share information and skills in a standardized format to ensure everyone receives the same message. Frequent instruction and dynamic training build confidence in your employees.

With the right learning management system, you can ensure your workforce receives consistent instruction, regardless of headcount or physical location. It also delivers an interactive learning experience for your business needs, including training for corporate, management, sales, customer service and more.

“What we know to be true is that as you increase competence and capability, confidence also increases,” Ballew said. “When you have a confident group, a competent workforce is showing up every day.”

According to Forbes, engaged employees spend more time learning and developing, growing into model employees, and have come to expect effective training. A comprehensive system allows you to assign consistent training nationwide, even among multiple locations. It also empowers employees to complete courses at their convenience, 24/7.

Development opportunities as currency

The ability to easily train and engage employees not only gives workers the skills needed to succeed in the tight labor market but moves your business forward.

“The first, if not the second question that a candidate asks is about development opportunities,” Ballew said. “It’s about, ‘How are you going to help me leverage my transferable skills?’”

According to Deloitte, “Skills have become the global currency of 21st-century economies.” Skilled workers — especially those serving clients — are businesses’ most important assets and give them an advantage over their competition.

With the right learning management system in place, you can train your workforce quickly and create a culture of learning that improves engagement and retention while helping you get ahead.

To learn more about the value of employee development from our conversation with Ballew, listen to the full webinar on demand.


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