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The Great Tech Divide Between Employers and Employees

When it comes to workforce technology, employers and employees are split. In fact, a January 2022 OnePoll survey of 500 U.S. C-level executives and HR professionals commissioned by Paycom reveals nearly half of leaders are out of touch with their workforce’s tech needs.

And while 86% of leaders know effective tools help their staff, do they know what employees actually need from them? A majority of employers aren’t sure, given 61% of them believe their company’s tech isn’t being used to the fullest.

Is it possible to bring both groups together and land on an experience that drives usage and efficiency?

To get to the bottom of this HR tech disconnect, let’s take a deeper dive.

Tracing the divide

Even if a piece of tech serves a purpose, it still may not be used fully if it doesn’t work seamlessly with the rest of your employees’ tools. Similarly, the impact of several pieces of great tech can be limited if they’re difficult to access due to multiple logins and passwords.

When the data and functions employees need are blocked by a confusing experience, it becomes easier to see why they may not take to new tech, even if it’s useful. Disjointed software could also explain why, in a December 2020 OnePoll study of 1,000 office employees commissioned by Paycom, 67% don’t believe their company prioritizes digital transformation.

Just how valuable seamless HR tech is depends on who you ask. For employers, only half of them believe their employees would take a pay cut to get twice-better tech. On the other hand, 67% of employees say they would do so. These figures reflect far more than a desire for better tech; they echo a need.""

But many business leaders may believe their adoption of better tools has been gradual and meaningful. So much so that 64% of employers claim their digital transformation has accelerated in recent years. For 77% of employees who are still frustrated by their workplace tech, however, it’s as though their organizations are reluctant to truly step into the digital reality.

Who can narrow this split and help both employers and their employees see the same, efficient vision?

The HR bridge

Many HR professionals already understand the tremendous effect of exceptional tech, and leaders are taking note. In fact, most employers suggest stronger communication between HR and employees could help address tech needs.""

Tools for gathering employee feedback and directing their questions to the best person to answer them help narrow the digital divide even more. In turn, employers and their employees alike can focus less on avoidable frustrations and more on driving companywide success.

Because according to both surveys, 4 in 5 employers and their employees agree the right tech drives efficiency.

But 69% of HR professionals say their company’s current procedure for completing HR tasks still needs to be enhanced. After all, the right self-service tech elevates not just employees, but an entire business!

See our infographic to learn more. And explore Paycom’s easy-to-use app for HR and payroll to see how it alleviates tech frustrations.

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