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Up-to-Date HR Tech: The Competitive Recruiting Advantage Companies Forget About

In today’s immensely tight labor market, it’s more impossible than ever to find a pool of eager candidates just ready and waiting to jump into your staff directory.

Most of the candidates you would like to hire – even those actively applying to your job listings – already are employed. They might even be fielding multiple offers.

Your recruitment efforts have to be up-to-date if you want to keep up and emerge as the most attractive opportunity. Fortunately, choosing the right HR technology can give your organization a boost in the competitive market, and help you quantify and share those successes with company leadership.

Appealing to candidates with many options

Modern HR technology gives you the tools you need to stay competitive when hiring new employees, by streamlining your recruiting and other HR processes. Additionally, the best technology ensures the candidate has a seamless experience from apply to hire.

With state-of-the-art HR technology, you can:

  • Give employees direct access to view and update their HR data. This is increasingly important since, according to Adobe, 81% of workers say technology is the most important part of an ideal work environment.
  • Survey employees to identify the most popular and impactful benefits, then promote those benefits during recruiting.
  • Streamline your recruiting process. When recruiting and interviewing progress seamlessly and quickly, your candidates feel more confident about your company as a whole.
  • Ensure you’re offering competitive pay with compensation and budgeting tools.

Translating your success to the C-suite

Use reports generated by your HR software to prove to executives how your recruiting practices contribute to the company’s competitive advantage in the labor market.

  • Share data on reduced time to hire, lower turnover, number of filled positions and any additional tangible results derived from improvements in recruiting and onboarding employees.
  • Paycom clients can use the new Direct Data Exchange® tool to demonstrate the cash value of employees (instead of HR) executing their own “HR tasks,” such as enrolling in benefits, completing training and entering contact information.

You can tell when your recruiting efforts are paying off – and your fully staffed teams can as well – but without the help of the right HR tool, it can be difficult to translate those results into the metrics leadership wants to see.

Choose tech that improves your team’s effectiveness, and makes it easier for you to share those results with executives, to ensure you can continue to carry on the recruiting and retention efforts you know to be valuable. The added benefit of truly engaging employees in your technology from the application stage on will continue to drive your programs for years to come.