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Using Mobile Tech for Management Tasks

Successful supervisors and managers are masterful jugglers – spearheading critical projects while developing staff, building strategic plans, completing administrative functions and more.

Many of these responsibilities take them away from their desks during the workday. But obligations don’t stop coming in when they are in the field, working the floor, engaging with the team or completing dozens of other duties that require them to be out and about.

So how can leaders keep all the balls in the air when what awaits back at their desk keeps weighing them down?

Take it to goManager on-the-Go product screen

Manager on-the-Go® allows them to complete tasks involving the employees they supervise, from anywhere in the world, anytime. Available exclusively through the Paycom mobile app, it is offered at no additional cost to clients and helps managers be immediately more productive so they can make the most of their workday.

Manager on-the-Go also prevents administrative duties from piling up, empowering leaders to easily:

  • examine, edit and approve timecards
  • approve time-off requests
  • view their team’s time-off calendar
  • edit and approve punch-change requests
  • manage employees’ schedules
  • approve expenses for reimbursement
  • create and approve personnel action forms
  • view employees’ accruals, demographics, pay rates and taxes
  • respond to employee inquiries through Ask Here

Another cool trick: Managers and supervisors can toggle seamlessly between Manager on-the-Go and Employee Self-Service® with no additional logins, providing a seamless user experience.

And with the ability to manage tasks 24/7 regardless of location, leaders can make key approvals on time and access vital information on the fly – increasing employee trust and improving the entire workforce’s experience with your organization – almost like magic.