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What Hospitals Should Consider When Choosing an HCM Solution

The intersection of human resources and technology is important in any industry. But for hospitals — organizations working around the clock to offer high-level care for patients — a best-in-class HCM solution is crucial.

HR tasks can be stressful for prospective employees, current employees, managers, executives and, of course, HR professionals. The right HCM solution improves efficiency and alleviates stress for each of these important groups.

With ongoing challenges for the health care industry, the right human resources partner is more important than ever. Below are three priorities hospital leaders should consider when evaluating their HR tech.

A single system for stress-free efficiency

According to a recent analysis by Health Leaders Media, the “greatest challenge to hospitals and health systems heading into 2022 is the staffing shortage.” And a recent American Association of Critical-Care Nurses survey shows 66% of nurses have considered leaving the profession. Onboarding remains a challenge, with a health care staffing and recruiting company reporting the average time it takes to hire a permanent RN is nearly three months.

Choosing a single vendor and HCM solution that provides automation across tools can help alleviate the pains of both onboarding and employee retention. Employees desire access to HR necessities like benefits and payroll via an easy-to-use smartphone app, and HR staff appreciate the increased efficiency the right solution provides, such as:

The right solution means employees and HR pros spend less time devoted to clunky tasks and gain more freedom to serve and care for patients.

Commitment to security

Choosing the wrong HR tech can be a liability, costing you in data security, talented employees, financial penalties and a bruised brand. With widespread data breaches, hospitals are at a greater risk, as they often deal with private, highly sensitive patient information. The right HCM solution can give you peace of mind and support your hospital’s compliance needs.

One of the biggest cyber security risks for organizations is human error. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the weakest links in HR security are easily guessed or unsecure passwords.

Hospitals should search for HCM solutions with comprehensive, in-depth and industry-proven security standards and technologies that protect and defend customer data and avoid multiple logins. As one of the few payroll processors to hold ISO 27001, ISO 9001, ISO 22301, SOC 1 and SOC 2 certifications, Paycom’s information security management and quality management systems are formally audited and certified, protecting hospitals and their data. And because Paycom has a single software, only one password is needed.

Seamless vaccine tracking system

Hospitals’ work is unique; their technology solution should be customizable to meet shifting compliance requirements. Executives should prioritize solutions that efficiently track mandatory or recommended employee vaccines, like the COVID-19 and annual influenza vaccinations, as a part of their employees’ human resource record. Recorded information should also flow seamlessly in one system. Paycom’s new tool, Clue®, is one example of forward-focused tech that satisfies today’s compliance needs and keeps recorded information in the same system.

With the right HCM solution that streamlines and automates big or small HR tasks, health care organizations will be well equipped to do what they do best — serve patients and their families.

Learn more about Paycom’s comprehensive HCM solution.


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