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Why Paycom Makes Work Easier for the Hospitality Industry

A family checks in at midnight after a delayed flight. While their toddler screams, the front-desk clerk struggles to help them. Why? A poor employee experience left the hotel’s staff disengaged, burned out and ill-equipped to serve guests.

What a missed opportunity to build a brand!

Managing a workforce in the hospitality industry requires having staff in the right place at the right time — with the right attitude.

Engaged team members are the lifeblood of your business, yet resignations run high. In fact, the hospitality industry had the highest turnover rates of any sector: 86.3% in 2021, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Finding good talent in a competitive labor market. Hiring and onboarding them. Trying to keep a diverse team happy and paid accurately. All while complying with ever-changing regulations.

If you manage hospitality HR and payroll, all this hiring and retaining is enough to make you want to take a vacation.

And we haven’t even touched on the complexities of managing multicultural teams and unionized labor.

With so many crucial details on the line for such a diverse workforce, it’s no surprise that large hospitality companies turn to Paycom.

Let’s take a look at seven ways we streamline your HR and payroll, all in a single software.

1. Agile HR

Paycom’s mobile app is the perfect fit for the hospitality industry, where most positions aren’t desk jobs. Employees and managers can access HR and payroll information anytime, anywhere.

2. Employee Self-Service®

Pay stubs, tax forms and other HR details are quickly available through our self-service experience. In the time it would take them to contact you by phone or email, employees already will have their answer.

3. Workforce management and scheduling

We’ll help you stay proactive with labor forecasting. Then we’ll optimize scheduling for peak and off-peak times. Our app empowers staff to manage their own scheduling and track hours and attendance.

4. Training and support

Proper preparation leads to happy employees. Our single software delivers onboarding, training sessions and customer support resources. And Paycom’s easy-to-use interface ensures you and your staff make the most of them.

5. Hiring and turnover reduction

Our applicant tracking tool helps you attract quality leads and monitor their applications. Plus, foster a culture of growth, excellence and advancement with our performance management tech.

And we help take the mystery out of turnover troubles. Our reporting and analytics tools help you spot trends impacting employee satisfaction, so your team can address those issues early.

6. Payroll processing and compliance

Your large workforce creates a complex set of payroll needs. Various pay rates, deductions, tax calculations — Paycom handles them all. Help with legal compliance is a breeze because we actively monitor and apply updated regulations.

Our employee-guided payroll automatically identifies errors. Then, it leads your staff to resolve them before you submit payroll. Employees enjoy pay transparency and peace of mind, and your HR team frees itself from time-consuming corrections.

Here’s a tip: Use our tip reporting and distribution software to easily manage those valuable gratuities.

7. Reporting and analytics

No need to study stacks of spreadsheets to gain insights from HR and payroll data. Our robust reporting and analytics capabilities give you the power to generate custom reports in a heartbeat. After all, confidence in your numbers is crucial to make data-driven decisions.

In the hospitality world, HR is a high-energy challenge. Partnering with Paycom helps you find top talent and encourage them to enjoy their stay in your organization.

Then everyone on the team is freed to focus on delivering excellent experiences to the guests who help your business thrive.

Explore Paycom’s single software to see how it helps hospitality companies with talent management.


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