Hiring and Onboarding Restaurant Employees Who Will Dazzle Your Guests

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In order for your restaurant to create a dining experience customers will rave about, you have to ensure you bring the right people on to your team. This is true for the front-of-house and back-of-house staff, and for eateries at every price point. In this guide, learn how to hire and onboard employees who will keep diners returning to your establishment. After all, your staff is the single most impactful lever you can pull to elevate your guest experience – and your restaurant’s revenue.

Key Takeaways

  • Effective hiring and onboarding
  • Strategic interviewing
  • Providing the right training
  • New hire team integration
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How Paycom can help

  • Quickly find, hire and onboard desirable candidates, who are the hardest to locate in a talent shortage.
  • Shorten gaps in the hiring process that can frustrate top talent and make them susceptible to a competitor’s offer.
  • Incorporate the “we find you” sourcing model and intentionally search for passive candidates.
  • Begin the onboarding process before a new hire’s first day, to set the stage for an ideal employee experience and bolster retention from the start.