Feb. 19, 2019


Dave Zielinski, business writer for HR Magazine and SHRM.org

HR is undergoing a digital transformation. With so many technology options changing the workplace, how can HR leverage the benefits of employee self-service (ESS) to be more strategic while further empowering their workforce?

According to this year’s Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey, 78% of respondents currently use ESS applications in their organizations. That number is expected to rise to 87% in the next year as HR leaders implement ESS to engage employees, increase productivity, decrease labor costs and give their workforce direct and mobile access to their personal data.

In this episode of HR Break Room®, business journalist Dave Zielinski joins hosts Caleb Masters and Jason Bodin to discuss:

  • the benefits of HR’s shift away from managing employee data and tasks
  • why ESS technology continues to grow in popularity
  • how ESS helps improve the employee experience
  • how ESS tech positions HR as a strategic business partner to the C-suite


To learn more about championing such an initiative in your organization, read our white paper, Is Your Business App-rehensive?: How to Lead a Digital Transformation in Your Workplace.

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