Oct. 22, 2019


Robin Schooling, Peridus Group managing partner for HR People + Strategy

Technological advancements are rapidly changing workplace communication, the employee experience and organizational culture. With people expecting more from technology’s capabilities in general, employees’ expectations of on-the-job tech also increases.

As we prepare to enter a new decade, workers’ adoption of new HR technology continues to become more crucial and necessary. But in an ever-evolving workplace, how can technology promote productivity, efficiency and success?

In this episode of HR Break Room®, Robin Schooling joins us at the 2019 HR Technology Conference to discuss:

  • the biggest challenges to creating a successful user adoption strategy
  • how the employee usage of technology benefits HR and the bottom line
  • using training to communicate the benefits of technology
  • how HR technology impacts the employee experience, workplace culture and business goals
  • positioning HR as a strategic partner by successfully adopting and managing HR technology


Learn more about the cost of manual processes and a poor user adoption strategy by reading our white paper, Every Second Counts … and Costs: Why Everyone Should Use HR Tech.

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