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Employees unplugging from your tech?

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Tech disengagement: causes and effects

Tech disengagement is the tendency to avoid or struggle using bad or overly abundant tech in the workplace. It happens when the tools that should make our work lives easier ultimately fail to create a truly seamless, simplified experience.

With a staggering 77%* of employees frustrated with workplace tech, organizations are experiencing:

  • reduced productivity
  • lower morale
  • increased turnover
  • lost revenue

How do you stop it in its tracks? Our free toolkit can help.


Beat the burnout and reignite employee engagement

Download our free toolkit to learn:

  • the 10 warning signs of workplace tech disengagement
  • the 5 warning signs of cognitive overload
  • how this phenomenon harms businesses
  • how reducing your tech helps you break through
  • how to fully engage employees with the right tech