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Cost of Time Theft Calculator

The average employee steals 54 minutes each workday. What does that cost you? A lot. Find out instantly how much.

Number of employees:

Average hourly rate of your employees:

Stealing time


Per week:


Per year:


Why pay for hours that weren’t actually worked?
To learn more about time theft and how to fight it, download our free infographic.

Paycom streamlines and automates the time-collection process so employers can eliminate buddy punching and other instances of time theft. Within one easy-to-use application, employees can clock in and out within designated boundaries, access and exchange schedules, request time off and more. For more information or to request a demo, complete this form or call 800-580-4505.

This calculator is intended for estimation purposes only. It is not intended as legal opinion and should not be substituted for professional legal or tax advice. Calculations are based on data from the American Payroll Association.