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When you enter and re-enter a new hire’s HR information across multiple systems, your business spends at least twice the time it should. And that's before someone makes an error.

Find out instantly how much this outdated process costs you.

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Total costs of entering onboarding information into more than one system:


When all HR tasks can be completed in one application, employee information is entered once and auto-populates systemwide. Whether the employee stays for five days or 50 years, his or her info never requires re-entry.

Not only that, but a digital onboarding process that begins even before Day One can improve employee morale, productivity and retention.

Paycom streamlines and automates HR and payroll tasks across the entire employee life cycle, all within one easy-to-use application. For more information or to request a demo, complete this form or call 800-580-4505.

This calculator is intended for estimation purposes only. It is not intended as legal opinion and should not be substituted for professional legal or tax advice.

Calculations are based on data from the Ernst & Young study Estimated Labor and Non-Labor Costs Associated with Common Human Resources (HR) Functions/Tasks (December 2019) and Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report (2017).