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Your company may qualify for thousands of dollars in federal tax credits!
Find out instantly how much you may be eligible to receive.

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You may qualify for up to
in federal tax credits!
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Paycom’s risk-free tax credits service identifies, secures and administers Work Opportunity Tax Credits and other government incentives for you. These credits are a dollar-for-dollar reduction, not a deduction.

If no credits are located for which your company is eligible, you pay nothing for our search!

This calculator is intended for estimation purposes only. It is not intended as legal opinion and should not be substituted for professional legal or tax advice. Tax credits projections are to be used as a guideline, but are not guaranteed. Approximately one in eight new hires is found to be eligible, with an average credit of $1,300. For more information or to request a demo, complete this form or call 800-580-4505.