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How to Build a Powerful Retention Strategy

Attracting top talent is a constant challenge for most businesses. But maintaining their engagement, committing to a strategy of professional development and ultimately securing that talent for the long term are higher hurdles to overcome altogether.

Coaching organization The Great Game of Business finds that, generally, an employee retention rate of 90% or higher is ideal for most organizations. Despite how difficult this goal may be, the cost of replacing an employee is greater than the cost of retaining them.

Managing employee retention is vital to the successful development of your workforce and the sustained prosperity of your business. By addressing retention head-on, you can protect your investment and foster an organization where your employees are just as excited by and committed to its success as you are.

In this webinar, we’re joined by Tiffany Gamblin, Paycom’s HR manager, to discuss:

  • different kinds of turnover and common causes for employee resignation
  • developing a wide-net approach to employee retention with both broad and targeted methods
  • implementation of a retention strategy and measuring its success

Please note: This presentation was previously recorded and the certifications in it are no longer valid per SHRM and HRCI guidelines.

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