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3 Tips for Evaluating a Job Offer

Lexee Alberts | October 22, 2021

Receiving a new job offer is a pivotal moment in your life! You did your research and aced your interview, and now you’ve landed the role. Congrats!

However, you’re not done quite yet. Evaluating an offer is no minor task, and you need to ensure you make the best possible move for you. But don’t stress! We’ve assembled some tips to help you effectively assess your offer.

The numbers game

Naturally, you’ll likely first be drawn to the offer’s salary or base pay as well as any opportunities for bonuses or commission. While these are important, you should consider a few other factors, too.

Compensation is more than just pay — it also entails paid time off (PTO) accruals, benefits, retirement plans and other perks. At Paycom, for example, employees generate vacation and PTO immediately. We also offer health care at $1 per pay period for individuals.

Additionally, more useful resources may translate to long-term comfort. For instance, Paycom offers a diverse range of benefits, including well-being initiatives, support for expecting parents, pet insurance and on-site fitness equipment at our corporate campus. We invest in employees by providing careers and opportunities that allow them to live well now and plan for their future.

Remember, an offer is more than just a paycheck, and you should consider every accommodation your employer provides — or doesn’t — before making a decision.

Looking ahead

It’s important to consider the future when assessing a job offer. Though you may be anxious to just start, think about how your hard work and dedication will be rewarded. Ask these questions throughout your interview and once you have an offer in hand:

  • What are my opportunities for advancement?
  • How are career progressions or promotions structured?
  • Does this company regularly evaluate employee performance?

Similarly, Paycom values a culture of feedback. Employees participate in quarterly reviews with their leader to ensure they’re meeting expectations and are made aware of opportunities for growth.

Additionally, you should also reflect on your future employer’s growth and success in their industry. Paycom, for instance, has exceled in overall sales revenue year after year. And Beti™, our industry-first, employee-driven payroll experience, was named a Top HR Product by Human Resource Executive® magazine.

After all, the best opportunity should be more than just a job — it should be a career.


Compensation and growth are crucial, but you should also determine if your prospective employer’s values align with your own. You are on the cusp of assuming a huge personal investment, and you’ll feel greater satisfaction when you have confidence in your organization’s vision.

At Paycom, we not only value hard work and success, but also inclusion, education and our employees’ well-being. When you join a team like Paycom’s, your investment to the group yields a return that elevates your entire professional journey.

Are you ready to see what the future holds for your career? Apply at Paycom today!