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4 Personal Development Benefits of Working in an Office

Bonny Calfy | April 15, 2022

Remote work is a hot topic, and much has been said about its benefits. The recent focus on remote work often fails, however, to fully discuss the benefits of being in the office. As you search for the job that’s right for you, environment is an important consideration: Where will you thrive? 

We recently highlighted the professional benefits of in-office work, including increased collaboration with co-workers, visibility to leadership and reduced miscommunication. And while these and other professional advantages are important, don’t discount the personal benefits of working in-person.

From mental health benefits and wellness habits to clearer boundaries between your work and personal life, prioritizing in-office work during your job search can set you up for success.

Better boundaries

A 2020 joint study from LinkedIn and the Mental Health Foundation found that employees working from home were putting in an extra 28 hours per month when compared to their in-office, pre-pandemic schedule. And more than two-thirds of those surveyed in May 2021 by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) reported they always (22%) or sometimes (45%) have trouble getting away from work at the end of the day.

Boundaries are healthy and important, even if you love your job! Having clear physical destinations for work and personal time provide structure and clarity. Remote work, with no time to decompress when transitioning to personal time, can lead to a blurring of those healthy boundaries in our “always on” culture. An in-office work environment means you can leave work at work, where it belongs.

Less isolation

Working from home day in and day out with little or no in-person interaction can negatively impact your mental health. The same 2021 APA survey that highlighted decreased work-life balance showed almost two-thirds of remote workers felt isolated or lonely some of the time. Younger adults were especially impacted, as 73% of 18- to 29-year-olds and 73% of 30- to 44-year-olds were more likely to report feeling isolated or lonely working at home when compared to older adults (48% of 45- to 64-year-olds). When you choose an in-office work environment, you’re less likely to experience these negative emotions.

Deeper relationships

If you’ve worked remotely for any length of time, you may be tired of just meeting co-workers via Zoom and email. The professional benefits of in-office relationships — increased collaboration, reduced miscommunication and elevated culture — are obvious. But the personal benefits are important, too. No doubt you’re more likely to make new friends and deepen relationships when you see your co-workers face to face. From sports leagues and beverage breaks to lunches and corporate social gatherings, the best workplaces provide lots of formal and informal ways to connect and socialize.

Healthy habits

The structure provided by an in-office work lifestyle, coupled with company wellness programs, gives you opportunities to consistently practice healthy habits. In-office wellness perks can include on-site fitness facilities, outdoor green spaces for exercise and mindfulness and on-site healthy lunch and snack options. With 50% of employees leaving their jobs in 2021 for mental health reasons, the very best benefit packages also include on-site counseling and mental health resources.

Most employers are dedicated to providing quality workspaces. You may find ergonomic chairs, optimal desk configurations, free beverages like coffee and tea, complimentary office supplies, communal space to gather with co-workers — all in-office bonuses that are difficult to replicate at home.

Today’s competitive job market means you have options. If you’re looking for an employer who prioritizes your professional and personal wellness, visit

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Bonny Calfy
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