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6 Tips to Optimize Your LinkedIn

Savannah Fussell | November 25, 2022

LinkedIn’s essential for any rising professional. The same could be said for employers, too. According to Forbes, 95% of recruiters look for candidates on LinkedIn.

In all likelihood, your LinkedIn profile will be an organization’s first impression of you. After all, it should reflect your:

  • skills
  • goals
  • aspirations
  • experience
  • perspective
  • and much more

So how do you ensure it attracts the attention of the businesses you actually want to work for? With so much at stake, even small steps can optimize your LinkedIn profile. Keep these six tips in mind as you build, expand and polish your LinkedIn profile.

1. Keep your profile up to date

This one seems obvious, but some people forget to take this step after updating their resume. Revising your profile’s not just for a fresh job hunt, either. You should update your LinkedIn when you:

  • change the scope of your role
  • receive a promotion
  • develop a new skill
  • earn a new certification

Key words help recruiters find top talent, so add bullet points under your company and title to boost visibility. Similarly, the “Skills” section is another great place to highlight your specialties.

Lastly, don’t forget your profile photo! It’s the first piece of your profile a recruiter sees, so make it a professional headshot if at all possible. If that’s not an option, take a picture from the shoulders up in good lighting — and don’t forget to smile! You may be tempted to use one of your other social media profile pictures, but don’t fall for it. This photo should be of just you in business professional attire.

2. Open your LinkedIn to new opportunities

Activating this feature lets recruiters know you want to hear from them! It also helps you highlight:

  • job interests
  • full-time or part-time availability
  • remote, hybrid or on-site work preferences
  • a sense of urgency

You can even decide if co-workers at your current company can see that you’re looking.

3. Research and follow businesses

Why? So you’ll know when a company is hiring! Plus, LinkedIn will update you with any new developments for that company like:

  • awards
  • press releases
  • new products
  • promotions
  • acquisitions
  • and more

Doing this will help you know when it’s best to reach out and give you a better idea of the organization’s values and trajectory.

4. Look for fellow alumni

Most large colleges and universities have alumni association groups on LinkedIn. These are a gold mine for job seekers looking for new opportunities. Who knows? You might even land a job with someone from your alma mater!

5. Research your future leaders

When you schedule an interview, a recruiter will likely tell you the name and title of who you’ll speak with. Check out their profile!

Win over a hiring manager by doing your research. While you’re checking out their background, you might find interesting tidbits you could use as icebreakers to win quick rapport. But remember, be sincere about what interests you. Don’t bring up an interviewer’s history if you’re not prepared to have a conversation about it.

6. Reach out

Often, you’ll see a recruiter’s profile tied to a LinkedIn job posting. Seize the opportunity to communicate your interest and ask questions. If you’ve had an interview but don’t have the hiring manager’s email address, LinkedIn is a great place to send a thank-you note with a request to connect and grow your network!

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About the author
Author picture, Savannah Fussell
Savannah Fussell
Savannah Fussell, Paycom’s executive talent acquisition recruiter, has more than 11 years of progressive experience in retained executive search, high-volume corporate and search firm environments. She has proven success in leading effective strategies to improve headhunting and retention, fostering relationships with business partners and creating new talent pipelines. On Paycom’s corporate recruiting team, she works to find talented senior leaders who can help Paycom continue to be the best place to work. Savannah is a proud graduate of Texas Tech University, where she received her undergraduate degree in advertising.