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6 Ways Innovative Companies Address Employee Wellness

Tanner Bergman | May 2, 2022

As you look for your next job, you’re probably eyeing organizations that meet traditional employee needs. You want a work environment where you can use your professional gifts. You want a company that offers competitive pay and benefits.

Innovators commit to more than just the basics. Organizations with corporate values of service and care create a culture where employees thrive professionally and personally. They’re committed to holistic employee wellness that includes the physical, mental, emotional, social and financial dimensions.

While you’re on the hunt, choose an employer invested in wellness culture. Forward-thinking organizations provide programs and invest their energy in six important areas.

Professionals dedicated to employee well-being

The most innovative organizations hire staff dedicated to championing employee wellness. Paycom may be an innovator in the HR tech space, but it’s also redefining how an organization can care for its workforce by adding full-time well-being advisors to its staff.

These individuals are tasked with supporting the well-being needs of employees by connecting them with services and tools they need to meet the challenge of an active workplace. From helping employees add mindfulness into their day to teaching leaders to create psychological safety within the workplace, well-being advisors not only enrich the employee experience, they also offer valuable contributions that drive productivity, encourage retention and shape culture for the better.

Physical health and fitness

Employers committed to your physical health will provide opportunities beyond comprehensive, affordable health, vision and dental insurance. Look for physical fitness spaces like a dedicated fitness center or an outdoor green space with a walking trail. Does the company provide and promote individual and group opportunities like sports leagues, running programs, group fitness classes and participation in community events like health fairs and local races?

On-site access to healthy, affordable lunches, snacks and drinks is more than just a perk. Organizations providing these options demonstrate an active support for healthy lifestyles.

Mental health

Twenty-one percent of U.S. adults encounter some mental health experience, and half of adults never receive treatment. Should organizations provide services? Ninety-one percent of employees think so, and Tanner Bergman, Paycom’s supervisor of well-being advisement programs, agrees. “Work is where we spend most of our time; it’s where we talk about mental health the least, and yet it’s where we as humans often experience our mental health the most,” he said.

In addition to health insurance that covers mental health needs, organizations can provide on-site counseling and employee assistance programs with access to virtual options.

Even employees who don’t have a difficult experience with their mental and emotional health can benefit from resources like therapy, well-being programs and app-based technology that encourages healthy habits and self-care. The best organizations work hard to remove any stigma associated with seeking help and encourage employees to access these important resources.

Social connection

Engagement-friendly workplaces provide formal and informal opportunities to connect with co-workers. Look for an environment where physical indoor and outdoor spaces are conducive to informal breaks and lunch with colleagues. Corporate social gatherings like holiday parties, sponsored lunches and book clubs are great ways to meet others, make new friends and deepen existing relationships.

Charitable and volunteer opportunities

Studies show giving may have wellness benefits including greater self-esteem, increased life satisfaction, reduced risk of depression and even physical health improvements.

Many employees want to be part of an organization that actively invests in their community. A survey by Fidelity Investments showed 66% of respondents felt it was important for their employer to support different causes, and two-thirds said they’d be more willing to donate if their organization offered a matching contribution. Charitable contributions can also include company volunteer programs at local nonprofits and community events.

One great example is Paycom’s Employee Giving program, a charitable initiative that allows employees to choose the charities they wish to support. Self-service payroll tools make it easy for employees to contribute, which in turn helps improve participation rates.

Financial wellness

As many as 78% of employees may be living paycheck to paycheck, and 54% are stressed about finances in general. Companies can assist by providing easy-to-use financial wellness technology or access to financial wellness staff that teach employees how to effectively manage student loan repayment, save money, pay down debt, improve credit scores, care for aging parents, build a retirement fund and more.

Wellness is more than a list of shiny perks. Wellness is culture, so choose a place committed to service and care that promotes holistic employee wellness. Choose a place where you’ll thrive, and not just a place where you’ll survive.

Paycom is leading the way in employee wellness initiatives, and people are beginning to take notice. Paycom was recently recognized as a Corporate Health Champion by Blue Cross and Blue Shield for its innovative mental wellness resources and health and fitness programs.

Learn more about Paycom’s culture and benefits and social involvement here. A few key ones include:

  • Paycom’s on-site well-being advisors. Advisors offer team members confidential mental health and wellness resources — individually and in group settings — to foster a more inclusive, productive workplace.
  • The employee assistance program, which offers tools and resources, including in-person counseling, text-or video-based counseling and referrals for legal and financial services.
  • Paycom’s health benefits program. Available to all team members and includes a $1 employee health insurance plan for individuals with mental health coverage.
  • Free membership to top-rated wellness app for mental health guidance, offering on-demand support for stress, anxiety and depression.
  • Caregiver support through a program that offers care coaches and more for those caring for a loved one, child or adult.
  • Paycom’s campus and culture perks. Greenspace at both the Oklahoma City and Grapevine campuses, subsidized catered lunches, physical wellness activities and more.

Ready to make these programs part of your workplace experience? Begin your Paycom journey by applying today!

About the author
Author picture, Tanner Bergman
Tanner Bergman
An experienced clinician and leader in mental health and well-being spaces, Tanner has built world-class programs in sectors ranging from nonprofit to rapid growth S&P 500. Overseeing internal well-being efforts, Tanner works aggressively to combat stigma, reduce barriers and increase access to holistic services for the individuals who work at Paycom. Tanner is passionate about human and organizational well-being. Working to positively impact culture and increase diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging are values that Tanner holds tightly to.