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Behind the Badge: Jenna’s Story

Jenna W. | October 23, 2023

What is it like to go from a college intern to a leader in a competitive field, all within the same organization? It’s an interesting story, so that’s why we sat down with Jenna W., an executive sales rep for Paycom, to find out how she did it!

Challenges, collaboration and celebrating wins: An executive sales rep talks career growth.

I have always been a performer. Ask my family, friends and classmates, and they’ll agree. I like the spotlight. Other people energize me, and I enjoy pushing myself toward seemingly unreachable goals.

But if you had told me five years ago that I’d be an executive sales representative for an S&P 500 organization this early in my career, I wouldn’t have believed you.

Since starting at Paycom as an intern in 2021, I’ve grown more than I could have imagined. I’ve learned about an entirely new industry, been able to accomplish unimagined professional and personal goals (I recently bought a house) and have worked with some of the most inspirational leaders. My story is far from rare, and it exemplifies the growth you can experience at Paycom.

Starting the journey

I started my journey as part of Paycom’s spring internship program just before graduating college. I had already accepted a full-time role at another company when I began my internship, but when I saw the potential at Paycom, I dropped everything.

To me, it was Paycom or nothing.

I was looking for a challenge to push me to the next level. As a bubbly, energetic people person, sales just made sense. I always saw myself in a persuasive role (my dad said I’d be a good lawyer), but sales roles aren’t necessarily jobs most little girls dream of when picking out their future careers. Paycom opened my eyes to an entirely new industry, and it’s there I found my passion.

In just a month, the Paycom internship had turned into a full-time position. I’d met many equally motivated people and dove headfirst into HR tech, a space that was completely new to me.

My internship gave me real-world experiences and first-rate training. Walking in on my first full-time day at Paycom, I repeated a mantra: think positively, build relationships and close a deal.

I soon realized I may not close a deal on the first day. My leaders quickly reminded me that closing takes tenacity, relationship building and a dose of rejection. I knew I was up for the challenge.

Crushing goals

Transitioning from intern to full-time sales rep, I was even more immersed in Paycom’s culture. Paycom’s perks can’t be beaten, and what sets our teams apart from others is the people. We learn how to fail fast, we collaborate often and when someone wins, we celebrate in a big way.

After some setbacks and much learning, I finally stood in the winner’s circle and closed my first deal.

The confidence from bringing my first client home to Paycom led me to break the annual sales record in my office. To celebrate my accomplishment, I was invited to attend Paycom’s President’s Club in Hawaii, and to this day, that is genuinely one of the best memories of my life.

Nothing great comes easy. Now that I’ve closed even more deals and have mentored other new sales reps, I can confidently say that this incredibly competitive yet highly inclusive workplace is special.

Continuing successes

One of my favorite parts of being a sales rep is that every day is different. Some days, it’s administrative work at the desk, but a lot of our work is out and about in our sales territory. For me, working in Alabama, there’s a lot of windshield time and phone calls. Typically, sales reps take part in calls, research product updates, progress deals, meet with clients and always close the week by celebrating wins. The “yesses” are so prized.

I’ve visited our Dallas and Oklahoma City offices for different training opportunities. I love meeting colleagues from other regions and keeping in touch with our Paycom sales representatives across the country!

My top advice for people coming into sales at Paycom is to prioritize stamina. Nothing is rewarding without challenge, and the hard work pays off in a big way if you’re patient and persistent.

I’m invigorated by watching my fellow sales reps change their lives, either by exceeding financial goals, providing for their families, traveling the world or checking off bucket-list items. That checkmark happened for me when I bought a house at the age of 24. The pride I feel in that accomplishment is unmatched.

A culture that cares

From the beginning, it was clear that Paycom invests in its teams — both in learning and growth and through compensation and benefits. The Paycom perks help me live my best life in and out of work.

If you’re interested in securing your dreams and crushing your goals (both personally and professionally), apply to Paycom today!

About the author
Author picture, Jenna W.
Jenna W.
As an executive sales representative at Paycom, Jenna works directly with executives and strategic HR/payroll professionals. She helps them define their goals and develop a plan to improve overall communication within their organization while eliminating redundant processes, ensuring compliance and reducing risk exposures. Jenna is a proud graduate of the University of Georgia, where she earned a degree in marketing with an emphasis in professional sales and leadership. Her efforts on Paycom’s sales team include new business generation, deal strategy, new rep development and mentorship. Outside work, she enjoys traveling, playing pickleball and trying out new restaurants with her family and friends.