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Behind the Badge: Vamsi’s Story

Vamsi P. | November 29, 2023

What’s it like to go from an entry-level developer to a leader at Paycom’s DFW office? We spoke with Vamsi P., one of our software development managers, to learn about his growth and achievements.

Stability, growth and tech that matters: A software development manager shares his Paycom story.

When I started at Paycom, I never imagined I’d be creating and building innovative technology at the same job 10 years later. I certainly didn’t imagine I’d be leading others to do the same.

I began my Paycom journey as a software developer in Oklahoma City and am now a manager at our Dallas, Texas, office. Even though I’m in a different role and city, I still see myself as a Paycom developer with the same goals: contribute to our product and improve my developing skills.

Software developers at Paycom build the product for clients. As a manager, I’m in charge of the products we’re assigned, and I try to focus on the user’s perspective as I build so clients have the most helpful, intuitive experience.

It’s a rewarding job at a stable tech organization, and my story is a testament to the longevity and growth you can experience as a developer at Paycom.

Starting at Paycom

When I started my career, I was seeking an organization where I would build and create a product that helped others. As I was wrapping up my master’s degree, I heard about Paycom from a friend.

They encouraged me to apply for a position as a developer. Eager to stay near my college friends, I took their advice. It wasn’t long before I walked into Paycom’s headquarters and started my career journey.

My first year was a lot of learning and growing. I still remember participating in Paycom’s Codeathon, our annual (very competitive) coding event, for the first time. I was thrilled at how much we achieved in my first event!

At Paycom, growth happens fast. It’s an open culture where you can ask questions and grow. Early on, one of my first managers helped coach me through a big project. When I started, I was running into problems, and my manager sat me down and helped me design a more efficient system.

While helping me through these initial issues, he taught me to improve my problem-solving skills and apply what I learned across other projects.

Learning to solve these problems helped me grow from an individual contributor to team lead to supervisor — and now, to manager. There is no limit to your potential at an organization like Paycom.

Helping others succeed

Over the years, I’ve experienced much growth and change. Expanding to a manager position didn’t happen overnight, but I felt people were rooting for me the whole time. You can make a difference when you work at Paycom and are given every opportunity to succeed. Now, I get to mentor and lead others and help them achieve their goals while I also pass on wisdom to the next generation of leaders.

As a software development manager, my day revolves around my teams and working with, building and improving Paycom’s products. My team is a talented group of individuals. We develop applicant tracking, performance management and learning management systems for Paycom that help our clients hire, train and track performance for their employees and access courses on the Paycom app.

As our teams build innovative products, I help the team with any technical challenges they face and create a road map for success. If my team members need something, it’s my job to help. Sometimes that means offering technical support or guiding my team through a more challenging project. Sometimes it means lending a listening ear or providing encouragement.

Building products that work for the client

To this day, I love hearing how the product I make has an impact. I like reading product reviews and understanding the users’ perspectives. It’s an analytical and stimulating job that directly impacts the business, and that is invigorating.

I look for team members who are passionate about writing software and serving customers. These are the developers who shine. When you come to work, bring ideas and ask questions, you will progress as a Paycom developer.

Outside work, I love to play badminton and cricket and am passionate about photography. Returning to Dallas has also brought me closer to my family and friends. I’m grateful I could continue my career at Paycom, even after moving states.

If you’re ready to build innovative products at a stable and growing organization, apply to Paycom today!

About the author
Author picture, Vamsi P.
Vamsi P.
As a software development manager, Vamsi helps the development teams build better and more efficient products. Vamsi is a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, where he earned his master’s degree in computer science. His team develops applicant tracking, performance management and learning management systems that help clients hire and train employees and track their performance. Outside work, Vamsi enjoys playing badminton and cricket and is passionate about photography.