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Black History Month: How Paycom’s BLACK ERG Makes a Difference

Abraham Mendieta | February 1, 2024

February marks Black History Month, a time to recognize the stories and achievements of Black Americans. At Paycom, we celebrate our Black employees and Black communities nationwide to remember that their legacy isn’t limited to one month.

This year, the Association for the Study of African American Life and History declared Black History Month’s theme “African Americans and the Arts.” The impact of Black Americans in the arts extends far beyond galleries and stages — it’s a powerful catalyst for change.

This month, Paycom’s Black Leaders Advancing Culture and Knowledge (BLACK) Employee Resource Group (ERG) leads us in honoring the significant steps taken by Black Americans at our organization and beyond.

Sharing impactful stories

Paycom employees have been busy this year — including Brianna, a founding member of Paycom’s BLACK ERG. Brianna is based in Paycom’s North Atlanta office and works as a senior transition specialist representative.

Brianna has had ample opportunities to share her heritage and educate others, even at work. Last year on Alpha Kappa Alpha (AKA) Founders’ Day, Brianna and a sorority sister wore their line jackets to the office to share the significance of the jackets and history of AKA — the first historically Black sorority.

“This was a particularly memorable moment for me as I shared and embraced my heritage in the workplace,” said Brianna. “I don’t shy away from speaking up about actions that need to take place to ensure we are operating in more inclusive environments, taking moments to help educate others or point others in directions of resources, and also to understand others’ experiences as well.”

Showcasing her ancestry and background is unquestionably important to Brianna.

“Celebrating Black heritage and culture is important because it allows us to embrace and bring awareness to a lot of the contributions and achievements we have made. While some are documented and widely acknowledged, there are many more that are not,” Brianna said. “It also allows us to learn and understand the importance of our stories while giving us opportunity to celebrate our successes.”

Through the BLACK ERG, Brianna has been able to meet Paycom team members from across the country and participate in companywide ERG events.

“I’m so proud of the growth of the BLACK ERG! I’m a founding member, so to see the group grow from just a few employees to what we have today is so inspiring,” said Brianna. “It’s so beautiful to be a part of the change here at Paycom, but to also keep the progression going.”

This February, Brianna encourages her peers to share their stories and celebrate Black heritage.

“Celebrating Black heritage and culture allows us to embrace and bring awareness to the contributions and achievements we have made,” said Brianna. “I highly suggest to those that are interested in learning more about Black heritage to utilize resources such as podcasts, books, documentaries and even museums to gain insights and educate themselves year-round.”

Paycom’s BLACK ERG continues to make strides

Like Brianna, employees nationwide in Paycom’s BLACK ERG have accomplished a lot in the past year. The BLACK ERG is made up of team members with a shared passion for equity and engagement. They live those values out through philanthropy, education and community involvement.

“We had museum outings in OKC and Dallas, game days, committee meetings, a professional development series, evening events and more,” said a BLACK ERG leader. “I am proud of how the BLACK ERG started 2023 with great momentum and maintained that energy throughout the year.”

Paycom’s BLACK ERG also connects people across departments, no matter where they physically work.

“Since forming the BLACK ERG, my favorite part has been learning more about the various Paycom departments and roles through fellow members,” she added. “I’ve learned so much about teams and departments that I may not interact with in my daily role.”

Throughout the year, Paycom’s BLACK ERG has seen remarkable success fulfilling its mission, including:

  • receiving the Paycom “We Innovate” award, and BLACK ERG Executive Sponsor Rachel M. was named Executive Sponsor of the Year
  • hosting a Better Conversations session to engage and empower employees
  • helping Paycom employees raise $50,000 for the National Juneteenth Museum
  • traveling to Tulsa to visit Greenwood Rising and hosting several on-campus bonding events
  • sponsoring the Martin Luther King Jr. Day parades in OKC and Dallas — a Paycom first
  • catering a Black History Month luncheon with food from local Black-owned restaurants

Fostering diversity and inclusion isn’t just a box to check; it’s a core part of Paycom’s corporate culture. Learn more here.

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