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How Paycom Internships Launch Careers

Bonny Calfy | August 29, 2022

While his friends were making copies and fetching coffee during their internships, Gray was finding potential clients, making appointments with C-suite executives and learning the ins and outs of Paycom’s sales program.

As a junior executive sales intern in Washington, D.C., he didn’t just gain real-world experience during his two months at Paycom; he found his calling.

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know,” said Gray, one of 220 summer interns. “Paycom has a world-class sales program. It’s comprehensive and doesn’t just give you the highlights. It gave me a realistic view into what working in sales looks like. Sales has become my path for the future that I didn’t know about.”

From offices nationwide, Paycom interns worked, learned and advanced their careers in areas like technology, sales, marketing, product development and more. Interns at the Oklahoma City headquarters and the Grapevine, Texas, operations center also volunteered, filling backpacks with school supplies for local chapters of Boys & Girls Clubs of America.

In celebration of National Intern Day on July 28, members of this summer’s class were treated to breakfast and Paycom swag.

“Paycom’s intern program is key to helping build the company’s talent pipeline,” said Tiffany McGowen, vice president of talent acquisition. “We benefit from their enthusiasm and new ideas while they gain meaningful experience that could lead to full-time positions.”

The program’s goal is to convert talented interns to full-time employees to help meet the company’s growth needs.

After her Paycom internship, Holly Faurot joined Paycom in 2007 as a sales consultant. Now she’s the chief sales officer.

“I know firsthand how important and valuable Paycom’s intern program is, and I am so thankful for our interns for choosing to take the first step in their career here,” Faurot said. “The opportunity to learn and grow is abundant at Paycom, and I’m excited to see these professionals continue to flourish.

How Paycom interns explore new avenues

Vaishvi expanded her field of study as a Paycom intern. With a computer science degree, she and three other interns developed an internal design system.

“Computer science is different from product design. This was something completely brand-new, but I fell in love with it. I can see myself continuing my career on this trajectory,” she said.

She enjoyed interviewing designers and developers while learning how to innovate.

“We work on and solve real problems,” she said. “That’s the most rewarding part of working here.”

In the software development department, Zoe, a computer science and math major, was one of this summer’s technology interns. She gained ample real-world experience and formed lasting friendships with peers.

“I’ve really enjoyed my time here. I had an internship in the past that didn’t provide nearly as much guidance as Paycom. I’ve explored a lot of new things,” Zoe said, noting she presented a project to Brad Smith, Paycom’s chief information officer.

How Paycom interns prepare for the future

Robin, manager of tech new hire development, gets just as excited as the interns when they join her department.

“I watch interns arrive as college students and leave as technology professionals,” she said. “The amount of both personal and professional growth they experience is huge.”

Robin schedules sessions for interns to learn about the department’s teams and other related Paycom groups.

For Zoe, exploring the vast opportunities in technology and working closely with her mentors and leaders was priceless.

“At Paycom, if you ask questions, people will answer. Everyone is really excited to share their knowledge,” she said.

Gray also appreciated the openness and support he received from his sales mentor and leadership team.

“Paycom gives you so many chances to succeed and get noticed,” he said. “Leadership was so open to meeting and sitting down with me so I could ask questions. I’ve never seen an organization that’s so invested in the next generation of employees.”

These interns had a unique opportunity to work with an industry-leading group of innovators and mentors. Watch this TikTok to learn what it’s like to spend a day in their shoes!

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