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How Paycom Supports, Honors and Celebrates Veterans

Abraham Mendieta | November 11, 2022

Veterans Day takes place on Nov. 11 to honor military veterans of the United States Armed Forces. According to U.S Department of Labor, nearly 9 million veterans contribute to the civilian labor force. Paycom proudly supports our military veterans and their families. Join us as we recognize their sacrifices, bravery and commitment to our country.

Veterans Day history

Nov. 11, 1918, the first Veterans Day — originally known as Armistice Day — celebrated the end of World War I. The holiday was commemorated around the world the following year. While Veterans Day briefly moved to late October in the 1970s, it was eventually restored to Nov. 11 to preserve the date’s historical significance.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) explains the restoration helps us focus on the real meaning of Veterans Day: “honor[ing] America’s veterans for their patriotism, love of country and willingness to serve and sacrifice for the common good.”

Observing Veterans Day

The theme for 2022’s Veterans Day is “honor.” According to the VA, “Veterans are proud of their military service in defending our Nation. ‘Honor’ reflects the military value and tradition of answering the call to duty. There is distinct honor in serving to protect our way of life and the Constitution of the United States.”

Traditionally, communities recognize Veterans Day through parades, gatherings and other events. Find ways to celebrate veterans and get involved in your community! You could:

  • volunteer
  • write thank-you letters
  • donate to organizations that support veterans
  • and more!

Paycom’s veterans and their families

To honor the sacrifices of our veteran team members and their families, we asked Paycom employees about how their experience shaped them in and out of the workplace.

Keith L., an IT project manager, is a second-generation military veteran who served 28 years in the United States Navy after his father served 21. Keith was motivated to join the armed forces by Operation Desert Storm — or the Gulf War — in January 1991. His military service helped him develop leadership skills:

  • communication
  • scheduling
  • proactive management
  • the ability to form meaningful relationships with his team

After retiring from the Navy in 2019, Keith entered the civilian workforce. In 2021, he joined a supportive team of innovators at Paycom. He’s grateful for his co-workers and purpose, both of which have made his transition from the military easier.


“Paycom standards and conscientious approach to security, safeguarding our clients’ information and building a cohesive workforce are no different than how we build teams in the military. You have to build trust and faith in the workforce. You have to give them the tools and support to succeed. In my brief time here, I see the investment to make our team better.”
—Keith L.

Arielle D., a talent acquisition strategy partner, is the daughter of an active U.S. Army soldier and the wife of a U.S. Navy reservist. As a military child whose family moved every three years, Arielle learned to quickly adapt to change. And the frequent moves helped her develop different relationships all over the world. She cherished being surrounded by family and exploring Europe throughout her life. She’s extremely thankful for the opportunities and experiences the military affords her family.


“To this day, we have family friends — and what I call ‘honorary aunts and uncles’ — across the world.
My experience moving and being in different countries, as well as being in locations with families from all backgrounds, exposed me to a diverse background from a young age.”

—Arielle D.

Paycom Gives

Paycom understands the importance of recognizing and supporting veterans. We provide employees with opportunities to get involved with nonprofits and charitable causes throughout the year, including:

“I’m glad to know that Paycom contributes to organizations that advocate and support those who gave so much to defend our nation; I still utilize USO services as a military spouse.”
—Arielle D.

As we honor our veterans this Veterans Day, we thank them and their families for sacrificing so much in service to our country.

Join a team committed to supporting their employees and families. Find a job that fits you and apply today!

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