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Leadership Spotlight: Meet Scott

Abraham Mendieta | December 30, 2022

Scott is a database administration analyst working in the Database Administration department at Paycom’s Oklahoma City headquarters.

After serving in the U.S. Army for five years, Scott attended the University of Oklahoma, where he received a bachelor’s degree in management information systems. He began his Paycom journey in 2019 as a database administration analyst. Today, he’s a supervisor of database administration.

We had the opportunity to get to know Scott and learn more about his experience at one of the tech industry’s fastest-growing innovators.

What is your Paycom story?

I started in January 2019. I am extremely thankful for the mentorship I received upon joining, as it helped set me up for success. Being encouraged to embrace challenges and opportunities has resulted in rewarding technical and professional growth.

Why did you join Paycom?

Growth, opportunity and purpose. Every day, I learn something new. Striving to be a change agent is a value I hold dear, and at Paycom, you have ample opportunity to innovate and influence positive change. I have experienced firsthand that our application makes a positive impact on people’s lives.

How do you define success?

Success starts with understanding that learning never stops and success is a continuous journey. As a leader, I want to ensure that team members have opportunities to grow and learn while delivering results, achieving goals and reaching both individual and team milestones.

What advice would you give a new employee for being successful at Paycom?

I encourage all new team members to be curious, to innovate and to initiate. Discovering the “why” behind a process or understanding of a technology or concept leads to opportunities to add value and innovate. That starts with sharing your ideas! What sets high performers apart is not being afraid to initiate and execute on your ideas.

What’s one thing you learned in the last month?

There are multiple camps when it comes to data management: on-premise, cloud or hybrid. The industry has prioritized innovation in the cloud spectrum the last few years. However, there are still those who prefer on-premises and have not had the opportunity to enjoy new features or services developed for the cloud market. Vendor platforms are now developing technologies allowing on-premises organizations to keep data in their own data centers while also using cloud features. As a data professional, this is fascinating to me.

What is your favorite #PaycomPerk and why?

Team events are my favorite Paycom perk! I always enjoy getting to interact with people outside work. I believe it strengthens bonds that are beneficial back in the office.

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of work?

Most of my hobbies center on family and fitness. Lifting weights or going on a run is my meditation. I have seen a number of Paycom team members at the gym! I love being a husband and dad, so anything that puts a smile on their faces brings me joy. Cooking with my wife or having dance parties with my daughter are common occurrences. Other hobbies include traveling somewhere new, reading a good book and going to concerts or music festivals.

Favorite place you traveled and why?

I have had the good fortune to visit some pretty amazing places. One was an extended stay in Corsica, France, while I was in the Army. The landscape was breathtaking, from the mountain ranges to the beach. I even had the opportunity to parachute in a few times. It was an experience that will always be vivid in my mind.

Is it time to see what an award-winning culture and organization can do for your career? As a database administration analyst, you’ll be on the front line of technological innovation as Paycom transforms an entire industry. Apply today!

About the author
Author picture, Abraham Mendieta
Abraham Mendieta
As an employer brand marketer, Abraham Mendieta helps the recruiting teams engage top talent and increase brand awareness. Mendieta is a proud graduate of the University of Oklahoma, where he earned degrees in both sociology and advertising. His efforts on Paycom’s employer brand team include company culture; careers; and diversity, equity and inclusion. Outside work, Abraham enjoys reading, going to the gym, spending time outdoors and hanging out with his family and friends.